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Posted: October 16, 2019 at 5:06 pm

Technology has changed the world, the world has changed technology

In the past ten years we have witnessed an unprecedented world upheaval as we know it. Three are the clearest factors that distinguish these changes: technological innovation, globalisation, climate change and a focus on sustainability and preservation of Planet Earth.

This is not the first time technology has allowed jolt to be important in this process: lets think about printing, steam engines, internal combustion engines, electricity, mass media. It is now clear to everyone that even the Internet and everything that passes through it is a great network that connects the world: for the first time, however, access to the power of technology is accompanied by its diffusion and accessibility and for the first time (digital) technological tools are also means of mass communication (social networking): also means individuals and not just companies, states, publishers who have control and regulate the use of technology. Now this is also a known fact: indeed, in recent months there has been much debate on the negative side of the democratisation of digital technology: sociologists and humanists struggle around themes such as false news, alternative truths, haters, while technicians and scientists discuss the topic on the side cybercrime or the implications of artificial intelligence, ending both groups to find themselves around common ethical issues.

Talking with young people is the best way to find out more and learn more about their perceptions about the possible risks and benefits that they will experience using the internet through various devices. Todays teens are included in what is called i-Generation (also known as Generation Z), which includes those born from the mid-nineties to 2010. These children move comfortably on a new set of screens (cellphones, consoles, etc) online and offline. Their fluency is such that they do not use the net, but go through it, passing easily from the inside out and making the boundary between the two worlds very fluid, such that many events that occur on the internet have strong power. relapse also in their real life.

There is no doubt that the benefits associated with correct and numerous internet usage are clear: with our search engine immediately having an unimaginable amount of information at our fingertips, we can do research and research without moving from home by tracking all the material what we need, to advertise affordable products and services; through social networking we maintain relationships with people who are even physically far away, we find old friends and we stay informed about the people we care about even after years, we contact people who are unreachable; we can also make a diary, express considerations, and even make works on a special platform.

From online trading to riskier games such as and professional blogging, the web seems to value good ideas: it doesnt have to be the smartest, but of course, it manages to identify current hot topics and attract users. The opportunity to be publicly involved, to experience the power of ones beliefs by indirect comparison, is also a strong incentive to strengthen ones identity. The involvement of everyone seems to be changing existing technologies, adjusting them according to their wants and needs. Technology changes the world and the world changes technology.

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Technology has changed the world, the world has changed technology - The Upcoming

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