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Posted: March 23, 2021 at 2:17 pm

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Talentopia, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-Based Remote Talent Company has merged with Impactian, an Extraordinary Talent on Demand platform. EToD platform first started to leverage cutting-edge technologies to provide the innovative 'Talent as a Service' hiring model to enterprises, startups or law firms. Effective immediately, Impactian'sEToD platform will be known as Talentopia. The merger shows Talentopia's growth, position, and most importantly, long-standing commitment to acquiring the best and the brightest talent in the world.

The merger is to run a new hiring and interview platform that companies can utilize to find their talented remote developers and professional writers. The Cambridge, Massachusetts-Based Talentopia will take advantage of the innovative EToD platform's thorough vetting process to further grow an elite talent network of developers and writers. Employers who hired pre-vetted candidates would be sure to get the exact candidate they needed.

The new brand name, Talentopia,and its platform, Talentopia.com, will now focus on bothonline remote developer sphere andskilled legal and technology writers for various application domains. Similar to Impactian, Talentopia will work to gather the top 2% professionals of each field and match them with jobs and independent cases that best match their expertise and interests. Talentopia nowseeks to find hundreds of highly motivated and experienced writers who are interested in the following:

Candidates should be equipped with:

To optimize the recruitment process and identify the top-notch talents and to meet the future trend of remote jobs and gig economy transformation, Talentopia has consistently invested in innovative technologies to accelerate and optimize the recruiting process while retaining strong cloud-based vetting system. Despite the merger, the core value and culture of recruiting top talents will remain intact. Talentopia will continue to operate as a utopia for talents and empower them to grow their professional career.

Before joining Talentopia, interested writers will need to undergo two steps of challenging assessments. If you think you would like to be one ofthe extraordinary talents in the new Talentopia network, please click hereto expedite the screening process by finishing the 60 mins test in advance. For more information on this role, please visit Talentopia's website via the following link https://www.talentopia.com/technical-writer-jobs. Visit https://hire.talentopia.comto apply now!

CONTACT:Talentopia, Inc.Public Relations Department1.617.315.4828[emailprotected] https://www.talentopia.com125 Cambridge Park Drive, Suite 301, Cambridge, MA 02140, United States of America

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Talentopia Announces Merger of Impactian and Aims to Recruit Top Remote Technology and Legal Writers - PRNewswire

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