SS&C Singularity

Posted: June 4, 2021 at 4:08 pm

SS&C Singularity is the first smart investment operations and accounting system a true cloud-based solution designed to support the operating model of financial institutions.Built from the ground up with embedded disruptive technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Workflow Optimization and Advance Predictive Analytics, Singularity drives significant cost savings and continuous improvement through superior operational efficiency.

Singularitys robust multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities are delivered through its single, integrated database and client-configurable interface. Unlike other solutions comprised of disparate applications that are stitched together, Singularitys operational functions and common services are pre-integrated components that can be seamlessly activated upon user request and automatically updated without disruption to ongoing business processes.

Singularity Foreign Exchange. Singularity FX is a functionality rich, best practices-enabled Foreign Exchangesystem that is fully scalable and suitable for any enterprise, regardless of size,business model or geographic location. The application delivers a robust collectionof features and capabilities to serve the needs of client portal/front office, middleoffice and back office users.

Gain agility:operates on a cloud-based platform that flexibly adapts to changing market and business needs.

A smarter system:learns from user behavior to suggest more optimal workflows and reduce manual processes over time.

Realize cost savings:eliminates the need for disparate multiple systems, offline workarounds and labor intensive and risky data transformations.

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SS&C Singularity

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