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Posted: March 31, 2021 at 4:50 am

Long before the great building games likeMinecraftorTerraria, there was The Sims and their fervent communities of builders.The community inThe Sims 4is no different, taking advantage of the game's most advanced building tools yet to create extravagant creations that are in a constant state of evolution thanks to the hard-working developers.

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It is all thanks to a toolset that is regularly being updated. With the aid ofplatforms like the Gallery, creators can upload their builds for any Sims player to download for free, leading to all manner of fantasies being able to be played out. With that being said, here are ten of the most downloaded futuristic residences off ofThe Sims 4Gallery.

Despite being one of the most distinct-looking builds on this list, this Loft From The Future by user kaichen04 is one of the lowest downloads in the future category ofthe Gallery. This octagonally shaped home has a tree growing out of its center as well as an indoor farm/garden. As the name implies, the lofts and balconies serve as its main draw.

Loft From The Future is built on a 30x30 lot space, costing an estimated $211,928 (in simoleons, of course) and coming equipped with two bedrooms and one bathroom. It is smaller than it seems, despite its rather frightening size, making it a great home for a small family!

This impressive build also has shockingly low downloads despite its uniqueness. It was created by user Ripit01 who describes it as the following:

"This highly detailed home of the future is set on an Industrial Techno planet. Will host a family of 7. Beware of zooming Hover Space Cars, almost as bad as the city trash!"

The devil of this build is in its details and the nighttime shot does an excellent job of highlighting them, from the different colored panels to the steam coming off thetopand the hovering car parked on the side of the roof. It is truly excellent. The stats state that the residence costs $612,276 and comes with four bedrooms and three bathrooms on a 30x20 area lot.

Fun fact! Despite being named 40x20 Future by the builder leDeego, the Gallery actually claims that the home sits on a lot that is 40x30 tiles. The home is one of the rare few inThe Sims series that chooses to include a garage area for a possible car that a Sim might own. The overall design seems to be inspired by post-modern architecture styles, sticking heavily with a minimalist style.

It succeedsin some of the minimalist aspects as the home only costs $194,548, hiding away a four-bedroom, two-bathroom floor plan in its rather simple design.

This modern home designed by user CelestialSky1 and reposted by PriBorges is fantastically designed on the exterior, giving the impression of one structure being built up by multiple smaller modules. The amount of time needed to convey such an effect may have taken quite a while, even with such advanced build tools.

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The stats for this home include a price of $655,966 on a lot of 40 tiles by 30 tiles. According to the comments section, however, the listing of three bedrooms and three bathrooms is incorrect as when downloaded, the actual number is about ten bedrooms and three bathrooms.

For those Sims who want the future home life that looks like it could fit right in the middle of a metropolitan area, then they should look no further than user tennczowy's take on the Future Home. This build was reposted by user Hoexel in case there is any difficulty finding it. The most eye-popping feature of this house is despite the squareness of the roof, it appears to almost concave like a sphere when looked at from an isometric view.

The description of this home lists it for $177,780 built on a lot with an area of 30x20. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms is not listed, however, when looking through the multiple photos, it seems that this house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

This curvacious home was designed by user: Nanou_Arno and their take on the Future Home. It certainly seems to follow designs that attempt to merge and fuse the designs of modern architecture with the forms and shapes of the more natural state of things. Space is actually quite small, making it another great choice for small families seeking quaint living in the future.

The description says that the home costs $61,769 with one bedroom and one bathroom on a lot of only 30x20 tiles! Perhaps it is following an economic and eco-friendly theme as well.

Retrofuturism is an insanely popular aesthetic, especially for how it bleeds its influence into designs for a multitude of things. Architecture is no different as user Allieraptor decided to put their own mark on the now time-honored style. They describe an expansive entertainment area with an indoor pool as well as an outdoor pool near a sustainable garden. The touch of mint green to the wooden color scheme is a fantastic addition, building on the theme.

The statistics for this home are a price of $473,341 on a 50x50 lot. The home features five bedrooms and a staggering nine bathrooms!

This home of the future designed by 0kiwigreen0 is certainly alien in appearance. It is certainly aided by the plethora of blue mushrooms growing in and around the house, but something about the bone-like color of the building along with the way it is structured just feels "extraterrestrial."

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The statistics for this home say that it costs $202,653 and that it sits on a lot sized 50x50. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms is zero, however looking at pictures, the best estimates are one bedroom and two bathrooms.

Starter homes are fantastic additions to add toThe Sims 4Gallery, as having a set template to build off of can set the imagination ablaze with a shower of new ideas. That was possibly user schnuck01's intention when they designed this home. From the description's overall tone, it sounds like they really want people to take their homein new and exciting directions.

The profile for this home has it starting at $17,867 with two bedrooms and one bathroom built on a 30x20 area lot.

This home by user Xenami is not actually called "Future Hill Home." It is actually originally titled "Future Home 2,"yet it did not feel fitting for the most downloaded futuristic residence on the Gallery to be called something so banal, so liberties were taken when crafting this list. This residence currently sits at over 15,000 downloads on the Gallery and it is easy to see why. Curves are notoriously difficult to work withwhen building structures, so the fact that this home pulls it off so well is a testament to Xenami's skill as a builder.

Plus the house on the pond is just impressive in itself. This home's stats sit with a price of $114,404 with two bedrooms and one bathroom on a 40x30 lot.

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