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Posted: July 9, 2015 at 3:43 am

There's no way to determine if a better armed police or citizen bearing arms could have stopped the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Evidence does show that France has been able to keep a much lower gun homicide rate than America has, but will remain vulnerable to terrorism without a greater ability to crack down on illegal guns in the system.

John A. Tures

Political science professor, LaGrange College in Georgia

At the service the rabbi had nailed it. None of us should have been there. And I shouldn't have been standing in the middle of the police vehicular evidence lot.

Charlie Allenson

Freelance writer, communications facilitator using improv comedy techniques, volunteer music therapist.

Did you ever hear the AAA say that "cars don't kill people, people kill people?" Nobody would ever say something so stupid or dumb. But John Boehner gets away with it every time he and his colleagues cave in to pressure from the NRA and vote to defund CDC research on guns.

In the wake of horrific tragedies in Charleston and Sandy Hook, our national conversation persistently returns to guns, but goes nowhere. Why? In part, I think, because we have ignored a fundamental truth: most Americans think lots of 'common-sense' gun rules are already law.

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Second Amendment : Pictures, Videos, Breaking News

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