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Sealand [1] is a sea fort in the North Sea, located 10 km off the coast of Suffolk, England. It is best known for its (unrecognized) claim to be the world's smallest sovereign nation. However, it is currently regarded as a micronation by most non-Sealanders.

Visits to the Principality of Sealand are not normally permitted, and you will most likely need to pre-arrange a boat to take you there. Emergency or other special circumstances suggesting that a visit might be appropriate require prior approval from the Bureau of Internal Affairs, and may be considered by making a written application. Further information can be found here [2].

Walk. The entire habitable area of the fort is 550 sq.m.

The spectacular views of the English coast. Make sure to also get a tour of the nation, where your guide will most likely show you the chapel, parliament room, engine room, gym and jail where a german invader was held for a few months in 1978.

Get your fitness on at Sealand's tiny gym

Worship God at Sealand's one and only chapel room

Take a tour of the house-sized nation

Buy some Sealandic stamps and coins

Pay 31 pounds to become official Sealandic nobility

Online Sealand has a comprehensive catalog of all things Sealand. This includes shirts, stamps, coins and even lordships.

There are no eateries in Sealand, so get ready to mainly eat low quality TV dinners supplied from England while you're there.

Canned beers, soda pop and bottled water supplied from England.

There are various bedrooms in Sealands pillars, with some consisting of just a bed and concrete walls, while others are decorated quite cozily.

The official Sealand website

The same way every visitor arrives: by boat.

WikiPedia:Principality of Sealand

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