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Posted: March 17, 2017 at 7:44 am

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Some Businesses are started because an Entrepreneur comes up with a great idea and then some businesses are started from necessity and just trying to make other people's lives easier. This business is of the later. Hi I am Mark Horton and a few years ago my father past from at the early age of 76. It was a stressful time not only was the man who I loved dearly now gone from this world, I was confronted with the task of cleaning out his estate. Over the next 4 months I would travel from Miami Florida to Baltimore, Maryland every other week working to get my father's home cleaned out. This would require multiple airfares, car rentals, eating out day and night; yes, the expenses were piling up. My back was sore and I didn't know what I was doing. It was emotionally draining wanting to hold on to almost everything. I had nowhere to keep this old stuff and all I would have been doing would be moving it from his house to collect dust at my house. Many, many thousand dollars later I had it done. But the house needed cleaning and fixing in order to sell. I needed a low cost way to get the house ready to be sold at top dollar. This required even more time. Fixing, Cleaning, Painting and bring the house to code. Finally, the house was ready, several more thousand dollars later, a lot of lost wages and a sore back. There must be a better way? A more cost effective way? An easy way that the surviving family members could afford and that would eliminate so much stress? Ultimately, a company that would allow consumers like you to get a great "Return On Investment" from ECS removing your trash, Junk, cleaning the home, repair minor things, professional painting, new flooring and assistance with finding a great Realtor.

My husband and I bought an apartment in the Brickel area. We needed to change and update the whole bathroom. We were looking for a special kind of marble called the 'Volakas spider'. We were so amazed to find SASA Stones a few blocks away from our apartment. The price for this marble was incredibly good (back in August 2014); we paid $9.38/sq.ft. (24x24). They also installed, re-disigned, and re-did all my bathroom in no time, and at a very reasonable price. The quality of the materials they used was amazing, and the finished work was very professional. I recommend any related services offered by this company. The show room has a lot to choose from, and for every budget. The customer service team is also very friendly, and knowledgeable of their products.

Dear Donna, Thank-you so much for taking such good care of my daughter Jillian in her hunt for the perfect apartment. I know that you went ABOVE AND BEYOND what realtors normally do and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. She appears to be living in the place of her dreams and thus, if she is happy, I am ecstatic! You have been professional and caring at the same time and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is in need of your services. Thanks again. Best regards always, Rozi Rice

I walked into this store not knowing what i was going to get into and i must admit, the results were AMAZING!! Great prices, A VAST selection, and they have the most friendliest and professional staff I've ever witnessed. This is THE spot in Miami for all your Tile/Granite/Marble/Porcelain needs! Request for Jose or Elizabeth Morales! -Jorge Acosta

We recently changed to WindsorKent during the second quarter and it has been a great experience. They actually answer the phone when we call (an actual live person that knows what they are talking about)!!! Transitions are never easy, but they made every effort to accommodate us. I highly recommend them

Great guys!! and Very professional, gave us really good price. Will buy again. When got to their shop I was confused about what to do but their advice made it easy for me. Now I'm happy!


They gave me a receipt with all the charges listed in detail, first time I get this service since I have been filing my taxes. Keep it that way guys...!!!

I had a great experience with this company, prompt response, very knowledgable and super friendly staff.

it's the best place to find what need you about computer

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