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Posted: March 29, 2017 at 11:50 am

A Flintshire church has celebrated 150 years of weddings.

St Bartholomews Church in Sealand celebrated 150 years of weddings with an exhibition of dresses of brides who were married in the church, photo albums of past weddings, marriage certificates and registers and even displays of royal weddings, including Queen Victorias.

Organiser Steven Smith said: She started off the trend of white wedding dresses, which then became the in thing.

Invitations were sent to more than 160 couples who exchanged their vows at the church and more over100 people visited the exhibition.

Many visited to look through their family history via the marriage registers, which dated back to 1867 when the church was built and the first couple was married.

Steven said extensive detail was provided about the occupations of the people visiting the church when it first opened.

He added: It was a new area, mostly agricultural, but through the exhibition you could begin to see new industries developing. Its a fascinating social history.

Around 164 couples have been married in the church over the last 50 years.

People who are getting married next week in Chester Cathedral came to visit to look through all the different wedding traditions and to find out more information.

Were hoping this is a long-term thing because not everyone could come [to the exhibition]. This is all part of a 150 year anniversary and well be having another event in June about the building of the church.

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Sealand church celebrates 150 years of weddings with exhibition - LeaderLive

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