Scientists Claim We Might Be Immortal in 17 Years This …

Posted: March 31, 2020 at 6:34 am

Companies like Google are now investing millions ofdollars into the research ofeternal life. Along with the breakthroughs, scientists have also come across some challenges, aswell.

Immortality has fascinated people for thousands ofyears. The perspective ofliving forever has had such astrong case against the fear ofdying that people have been looking for anelixir oraremedy toprolong life for many centuries.

Bright Side wants toshare with you whats going oninscience inthe search for immortality and would like topresent toyou anoutlook onthe possibility ofliving forever.

Ongoing research

The idea ofimmortality issocaptivating that modern science and medicine may bringus asclose todiscovering asolution asever.

For example, atNorthwestern University intheUS, scientists learned toturn off the genetic switch that causes aging, however, not inhumans yet, but inworms. Ofcourse, its ahuge step from worms tohumans, but this technique isalready animportant achievement.

Another achievement was torevive old mice byinfusing blood from young mice. Researchers think this procedure could also work onhumans.

Silicon Valley isalso involved inthis science, and wehave some big names standing behind the research.

Worldwide contribution

Agreat amount ofmoney isbeing put forward for immortality research, and there are many celebrities who are involved inthe contribution:

Larry Ellison: one ofthe five richest men onEarth and one ofthe owners ofOracle.

Sergey Brin: co-founder ofGoogle and the Calico foundation, which focuses onhealth, well-being, and longevity.

Aubrey deGrey: ascientist and aresearcher; the founder ofnumerous studies onregenerative medicine.

These famous people confessed that theyre afraid ofaging and death and theyre now investing infinding remedies against this seemingly inevitable outcome.

7Deadly SENS

Scientist and author ofEnding Aging (2007), Aubrey deGrey, isworking onstrategies toexclude death from our genes. Heiscurrently working onthe 7deadly SENS things that cause aging onacellular level," and they are:

Modern science onimmortality and 5ways toachieveit:

The idea ofimmortality iscaptivating tothis day and wehave aton ofscience fiction toimagine how itcan turn out movies, TVshows, books, and scientific articles provide anincredible amount ofinformation.

Toquote Wolfgang Fink, aresearcher from the University ofArizona, Iwould see immortality coming from the biological sector. Healso says, Bypreventing cell death and aging, preserving itthrough cryogenic methods ordonors, wecan prolong their natural lifespan.

Here are the five ways scientists believe tobeable toachieve immortality:

Eternal life through meditation?

While what scientists are dealing with still remindsus more ofscience fiction, lets get back towhats happening onEarth.

Ever heard ofDashi-Dorzho Itigilov? Hewas aBuryat Buddhist lama, born in1852. And heisstill believed tobeinameditative state, rather than dead. Itisall due tothe way hepassed away. Herecommended his fellow monks tostart the process ofmeditation and the funeral rites while hesat inthe lotus position, claiming hewould soon pass away. Henever wokeup from this meditation and tothis day heremains inthe lotus position and seems toremain immune from any signs ofdecay. People believe heisinastate ofhibernation oranirvana-like state.

Well, maybe meditation wont provide eternal life toall ofus, but some ofthe benefits ofmeditation are:

All ofthe above can have apositive effect onthe longevity ofyour life.

Biohackers have adifferent approach tothe matter oflongevity. They use their knowledge ofneuromediators and genes toprolong their lives and toimprove their body performance.

The centenarians

Over the years, several men and women have achieved along lifespan. Here are some ofthem:

Jeanne Calment (1875-1997), lived for 122 years and 164days.

Shigechiyo Izumi (1865-1986), lived for 120 years and 237days.

Sarah DeRemer (Clark) Knauss (1880-1999), lived for 119 years and 97days.

Lucy (Terrell) Hannah (1875-1993), lived for 117 years and 248days.

Marie Louse Febronie (Chasse) Meilleur (1880-1998), lived for 117 years and 230days.

Some ofsuch centenarians who are now alive are vegetarians, some eat alot ofmeat and drink wine, some are smokers, many love chocolate, and many dont like toexercise. But what they dohave incommon isthat they are generally happy and easy-going. And wethink its something tostick towhile the scientists are busy trying tounlock the secret toimmortality.

What doyou think will happen inthe future inthis field? Doyou believe science can really make people live forever? Wed love tohear your opinion inthe comments!

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Scientists Claim We Might Be Immortal in 17 Years This ...

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