Richard Mille just revealed the most extreme watch its ever made – British GQ

Posted: May 14, 2021 at 6:44 am

Thats not all. One of the details that helps explain the watchs singularity is its variable-geometry rotor, quite possibly the most esoteric function ever integrated into a watch. It gives the wearer control over the rate at which the rotor (the freely oscillating weight that charges an automatic watch) spins, based on how active theyre likely to be while wearing it.

So if youre feeling frisky, you may want to push the red gold segment to the rotors centre to slow the winding down. On the other hand, if youre languishing like a lounge lizard, move it to the outer edge so that when you do lift a finger, your watch winds more efficiently.

Those familiar with the British automotive marque will recognise some of the visual cues that link watch and car. The overall form is one of them, as is the canopy-shaped section running through the centre of the watch. More obvious is the engraving of the word Speedtail into the case at six oclock and the flash of McLarenorangethat runs through the lower part of the dial and into the black rubber strap, mirroring the Speedtails central tail light. And, like the car, only 106RM 40-01watches will be made.

The Speedtail, which was pitched as the spiritual successor to McLarens iconic F1, sold out in a flash. Secondhand models, sometimes with only factory miles on the clock, are already commanding values well over $3 million, significantly above the original start price. Buyers of Richard Milles new hyperwatch will be hoping it proves just as collectible.

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Richard Mille just revealed the most extreme watch its ever made - British GQ

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