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Posted: May 24, 2020 at 3:45 pm

The form of immortality that members of the Old Guard are gifted with is apparently rare so rare that Andy and her team haven't met another like them in a very long time when they first encounter Nile. They connect with each other through dreams, and sometimes dream of each other's faces for years before they actually meet in real life. When they're mortally wounded, their bodies simply heal and they move on, no matter how gruesome or seemingly life-ending the injury might be. Despite all that, it was important to Rucka to introduce another key rule into this world: The characters are not fully immortal. They can die, and their death might come at any time. They just have no way of knowing if the next bullet will be the one that kills them.

"There was always the sort of existential uncertainty that at some point, it may end," Rucka explained. "And for Andy, who is extraordinarily old, the question has really become, 'Why hasn't it ended?'"

Though there are several clear rules that govern the world of The Old Guard, that question of why lingers over everything. Why can't these people die? Why does their time one day even if it's been centuries? And why has Andy, who has seen so much death around her, managed to avoid it for millennia? These are the questions at the heart of the larger narrative of the comic book series.

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Read this before you watch The Old Guard - Looper

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