Qualifying for 2020 election has started in Georgia. Here’s who has made the cut – Forsyth County News Online

Posted: March 5, 2020 at 5:58 pm

At the federal level, both Senate seats have candidates withlocal ties as Libertarian Shane Hazel, a Forsyth County resident who previouslyran for Georgias 7th Congressional District as a Republican, willrun for the seat against Sen. David Perdue and Rep. Doug Collins, whorepresents Forsyth County and 19 other counties in northwest Georgia in-part orin-full, will run against Sen. Kelly Loeffler for the seat previously held byJohnny Isakson.

The races for both of Forsyth Countys Congressional seats Districts 7 and 9 are also expected to see a large amount of candidates asDistrict 7 Rep. Rob Woodall is not seeking re-election and Collins is running forSenate.

Qualifying will remain open until Friday at noon for both nonpartisanand political party candidates will qualify for the general primary, which willbe held on Tuesday, May 19 after three weeks of advance voting.

The general primary will consist of non-partisan races andselecting party candidates for the Nov. 3 general election. It should be notedthat the Senate race for the seat held by Sen. Kelly Loeffler will be decidedin November.

Heres who has qualified for the races so far:

oSen. David Perdue (incumbent)- Republican

oJames Knox- Democratic

oTeresa Tomlinson- Democratic

oShane Hazel- Libertarian

o Brian Slowinski- Libertarian

oSen. Kelly Loeffler (incumbent)- Republican

oDoug Collins- Republican

oTamara Johnson-Shealey- Democratic

oRichard Dien Winfield- Democratic

oAllen Buckley- Independent

oMark Gonsalves- Republican

oLynne Homrich- Republican

oRenee Unterman- Republican

oCarolyn Bourdeaux- Democratic

o Rich McCormick- Republican

oMichael Boggus- Republican

oAndrew Clyde- Republican

oMatt Gurtler- Republican

oMaria Strickland- Republican

oKevin Tanner- Republican

oEthan Underwood- Republican

o Devin Pandy- Democratic

oBrooke Griffiths- Democratic

oClint Smith- Republican

oWill Wade- Republican

oSteve Leibel- Republican

oZach Tumlin- Republican

oSharon Ravert- Democrat

oRep. Wes Cantrell (incumbent)- Republican

oCharles Ravencraft- Democratic

oRep. Sheri Gillian (incumbent)- Republican

oNatalie Bucsko- Democratic

oTodd Jones (incumbent)- Republican

oChrista Olenczak- Democratic

oLauren McDonald III- Republican

oJason Boskey- Democratic

oTom Cleveland (incumbent)- Republican

oBarry S. Herrin- Republican

oDarla Sexton Light- Republican

oLindsey Adams- Republican

oAlfred John- Republican

oCindy Jones Mills (incumbent)- Republican

oLaura Semanson (incumbent)- Republican

oRon H. Freeman (incumbent)- Republican

oPaul W. Holbrook- Republican

oTed Paxton - Republican

oGreg G. Allen

oMatthew C. Ledbetter

oWalker H. Bramblett

oT. Russell McClelland III

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Qualifying for 2020 election has started in Georgia. Here's who has made the cut - Forsyth County News Online

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