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Posted: October 1, 2016 at 1:47 am

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While I was at Paleo f(x), one of my good friends TJ mentioned a new brain supplement that had just come to market. Knowing that I love nootropics and all things cognitive enhancing, he offered me some. Thaddeus also received a stack of pills to pop the next day and try out. This isnt just one little pill trying to do all things and failing because you just cant stick enough nutrients into one little pill. No. This is a stack of capsules and tablets, 8 in all, to be taken at two different times. Part A and Part B.

After taking Qualia one time, Thaddeus and I were both thoroughly impressed and excited to try it on a more long term basis because of its reported ability to detoxify and positively influence more brain functions with longer use.

This article will look at why Neurohacker Collective created Qualia, the reported benefits and science behindit, and also what Thaddeus and I experienced from the one time we supplemented with it.

First off The threebiggest issues that I have with nootropics are:

Neurohacker Collective seems to address all three of these issues and much more with The most advanced nootropics stack in the world. They do make some bold claims, but they seem to be able to back them up with TONS of research and are very open about all of their ingredients and the science behind them.

To understand the why, we first have to look at the who:

We are Neurohackers. We come from a variety of backgrounds some scientific, some entrepreneurial, some formal, a lot learned through direct experience and trial and error. What we have in common is a shared understanding of the potential of Neurohacking and a shared commitment to the principle of Empowered Responsibility.

No, Neurohacker Collective isnt some offshoot of the hacker group Anonymous, even though Im sure many of them would love this product.

They are essentially a group of people that are passionate about understanding and upgrading the mind and body to a point where we can truly experience optimal performance at the highest levels.

Neurohacking is described as the

intentional use of technical means (including practices like meditation) to change the physical layer of subjective experience (e.g. our brains, our neurology, our bodies) in desired directions.

We have all heard that we only use a small portion of our brains, but there is quite a bit of variation of views on this. What I believe is that we have only learned to harness a small part of our brains potential and capacity. If we could unlock even a little bit more,there is no telling what could be accomplished. That is the goal of neurohacking and why Qualia was created. To begin taking our consciousness to the next level!

The era we live in has so much potential and at the same time, so much danger. We have access to unlimited amounts of information and the ability to instantly learn about anything we can imagine. The bad side of this is that we have so much going on inside of our brains and throughout our daily activities that we become overloaded, subject to chronic stress and ultimately disconnected from reality. With all of the wonderful things technology has given us, the side effects are increasing amounts of oxidative damage, negative chemicals, pollution, stress and exposure to things that can cause major damage tothe brain and body.

Mass marketed products promise this or that, but its very hard to distinguish the good from the bullshit. Qualia seems to approach this issue full steam ahead with their transparency and attention to detail on every one of their claims and ingredients.

Here are the promises that they make.

We strive to provide the most accurate information in an open and honest fashion for the purpose of empowering our community.

We bias only towards truthfulness and clarity. If someone does a better job than we do at anything, we will not only defer to them, we will actively help them achieve success.

We only provide products where we can deliver a categorically superior solution to anything currently in the market.

We strive to provide the highest quality possible in every aspect of our products: the best science, the highest quality ingredient sourcing, the best delivery mechanisms, the highest quality information and customer service, etc.

We strive to create a healthy, mutualistic, long-term relationship with our community, based on real value, care, honesty, respect and an enduring commitment to our promises.

With over 40 different ingredients there are way too many benefits to talk about in this article but we will touch on a few of the ones I feel separate this supplement from the rest.

The firstissue with nootropics that I mentioned earlier was that they can be great when you need them, but once you stop taking them, you lose the effects. They dont affect your cognitive function long term. Qualia attempts toaddress this issue in three different ways.

It is through this process that we are able to permanently improve and repair our brain. This not only helps us during day to day life, but could have wonderful effects on cognitive decline related conditions like Alzheimers, Parkinsons and dementia.

The second issue I mentioned was that with most nootropics, you are essentially robbing Peter to pay Paul when it comes to the functions and nutrients in the brain. You take something that creates a spike in a certain type of neurotransmitter or function, which in turn can create a potentially harmful imbalance or reduction in other necessary aspects.

Qualia addresses this by including multiple different compounds that together work synergistically to improve your cognitive function as a whole. This increases the neural processes across the board so you gain the maximum benefit without neglecting any other aspects.

As much as I hate to use the term multi-vitamin, this is essentially a multi-vitamin for your brain. It provides almost all of the nutrients your brain needs to operate at more than optimal levels.

Many of the ingredients are things that I take in single supplements, so that cuts down on how many separate things I have to buy.

Mostsupplement companies use less effective forms of certain nutrients because they are so much cheaper. This is not the case with Qualia.

Take for example magnesium. Magnesium must be bound to something else before it can be adequately absorbed. One of these binders is oxygen, which produces magnesium oxide, which is the most common for of magnesium sold, but has been shown to have one of the lowest amount of bioavailability.

The form of magnesium used in Qualia is one of my favorite. It is also the most expensive. Magnesium threonate effectively crosses the blood brain barrier and has been shown to improve learning abilities, working memory and both short and long term memory.

The most common type of B12 in supplements is cyanocobalamin. There are a few problems with this form though. Besides not being as easily absorbed, it alsocontains the cyanide molecule. While from a toxicity standpoint, the amount is small and from a toxicology point, viewed as insignificant, your body will still need to remove and eliminate this compound.

Id rather not put something toxic in my body, even if I know it will be able to eliminate it easily. Id rather save my liver and detox systems for things that I cant avoid.

Methylcobalamin is absorbed better and stored in higher amounts in your tissues than cyanocobalamin. It is also the form of B12 that you find in nature and is not bound to a known toxic substance like cyanide.

These are just a couple of the high quality ingredients in Qualia. If you want to take a look atthe rest of the ingredients and the reasons why those ingredients are included, check out their formula page.

This is only a review of taking it for one day. We will be writing a larger review once we both take it for a complete month so stay tuned for that.

Thaddeus and I both tried it when we were at Paleo f(x) and definitely felt the effects.

For reference, this supplement is taken in two parts. For a maximum dose, you take 3 capsules on an empty stomach, and then 5 tablets with food afterwards. If you are new to some of these ingredients or nootropics in general, we recommend taking a smaller dose and seeing how you feel from that.

I took the first step right before we left our AirBnb to head to the conference. Once at the conference, I grabbed some free Bulletproof coffee and a few snacks from the vendors so that I could take step two.

I started to feel the effects about 30 minutes after taking step two. I dont know if this was when step one was kicking in or if they both started kicking in at the same time.

The immediate thing that was noticed was a lessening of anxiety related to social interactions. I started to talk to complete strangers and felt I was much more present and aware while having conversations with people. I ended up having a really deep conversation with twoof the vendors there and sharing our own personal journeys to where we are today.

This was a constant thing I felt all throughout the day. Many people even mentioned how much they enjoyed our conversation and that they looked forward to staying in touch in the future.

Another big thing that I noticed was how easily I was able to focus onthings. Whether I was talking to someone, watching a speaker, or when I just picked up a book to scan a few pages, I felt and almost tunnel vision like focus that nothing could distract me from. At the same time, I also seemed to have a much larger area of awareness. It was almost as if my senses had been slightly increased so that I was aware of things much quicker than usual and my peripheral vision even seemed to increase a little bit.

Im quite used to nootropics having a positive effect on these things, but not to this level. I found it much easier to remember the names of people that I met briefly in passing and also quite vividly remember their faces and the content of the conversations I had with them.

I also had much easier time speaking about complicated topics and was able to better articulate what I was trying to say. While engaged in a discussion with a few different people about the function of our three brains one woman asked if I ever did any public speaking because I was doing a great job of explaining it. This has never happened to me before. In the past, when talking about something fairly complicated, I have struggled to be able to describe or explain the concept. I usually have a lot of those instances where I know what I was to say, but have a hard time putting it in to words.

There are many other things that seemed enhancedthroughout the day, but I will wait to mention them until I can be sure that they were in fact a result of Qualia and not from some of the other great foods and supplements that I tried later that day.

Part 1 I downed the supplements with some water at the Air BnB. We headed out the door to the conference. Rolling up to the Bulletproof booth, I pulled out Part 2, filled up my large travel mug with Bulletproof coffee and downed part 2. Bam. A half hour later my mind exploded.

Actually, it felt like I had downed 5 strong cups of coffee and I was a but jittery. I dont take a lot of nootropics and have only recently started experimenting with them. This stack seemed almost too much for me. I decided to take part in the fitness competition and banged off some medicine ball throws and jumps. After the exercise I felt amazing. Jitteryness gone I moved on to the biofeedback session I had signed up for. During the training session in the classroom and in the hands on session afterward I felt amazing. My mind was firing on all cylinders. I was calm and felt comfortable and outgoing.

After the biofeedback session I headed over to the fitSCORE area to do some deadlifts. The record was 71 deadlifts in 2 minutes lifting your own body weight. I had tried this the day before and made 49 in the time allowed. I was determined to hit 71 today. Qualia flowing though my mind and body, I set up and went for it. 72 deadlifts later I had set the new Paleo f(x) record!!! I dont know if that was due to the supplements or all my training or both. But I can say that I felt amazing the whole day and cant wait to use this supplement on a more long term basis.

As I mentioned before, after trying Qualia for a month, Thaddeus and I will do a complete review of our experience. If you want to dig deeper in to the science behind this product and its ingredients, check out their formulation and science page.

I am looking forward to experimenting with this supplement and the possibility of, as the creators put it

Upgrading the Hardware Consciousness Runs On

The conceptsof neurogenesis (the ability the brain has to grow new cells) and neuroplasticity (the ability the brain has to rewire itself to adapt and overcome problems) are still in their infancy stages, and I think products like these, combined with a large amount of citizen scientists like Neurohacker Collective and you and Iwill be fundamental in increasing our understanding of consciousness and the brain.

If you have any comments or questions about Qualia for us or the creators of it, leave a comment below.

Happy Neurohacking!

Disclaimer We weregiven a free months supply of Qualia to try out and will use this gift to tell you all about ourexperience 4 weeks in.

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