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Posted: January 25, 2021 at 5:01 am

Private Islands, Richard Vanhoff, has had diverse business background with his early career starting in the media working with one of Australias leading TV stations and then eventually moving to radio. Through these two major media agencies, Richard met the crme of international artists and personalities.

This provided access to the rich and famous, which brought with it a plethora of contacts that inspired the development of his real estate career with his wife Narelle.

Richard and Narelle lived on one ofAustralias best-known resorts, Hamilton Island, for over 17 years with the Beatles George Harrison as one of their neighbours on Hamilton Island. Richard again was introduced to some of the worlds best musicians and international celebrities. This furthered his and Narelles passion for sales and in particular islands and island resorts, using these well-established contacts over the last 20 years as a foundation of their client network.

Richard and Narelle have received many international and Australian awards for achieving the highest gross commission sales, which included the sale of Great Keppel Island, Pumpkin Island, Long Island & Bamborough Island just to name a few. As a single real estate agent, Richard can comfortably state that he has sold and negotiated the sale of some of themost exotic island properties in the Pacific.

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Private Islands Online Australia

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