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Biography 21/03/20 Porfiry Ivanov: what Stalin said the main freak of the USSR

a Famous preacher of a healthy lifestyle Porfiry Ivanov the person ambiguous. Some thought him a prophet, and someone was called a quack. One is obvious: his work has always evoked interest among ordinary citizens and the authorities.

From the scammer to the enlightened

the Initial phase of the biography of the future teachers of the people, is unremarkable. Born in 1898 to a large family, graduated from the class 4 parochial school, 12 years worked, sometimes hunted theft. In 1917, Porphyria was called to war, but with the armistice it did not get to the front.

the Revolution Ivanov fully supported: actively participated in collectivization, the demolished Church, expressed itself in Civil, having derailed an enemy train and burnt down the British plane. And then raised the country: mining and logging, factories and Railways, while finding time to play cards for money, repeatedly losing large sums. In 1928 he became a candidate member of the CPSU(b), but was soon convicted of fraud after 11 months out on PAROLE.

At the age of 35 years, the doctors found a Ivanov an inoperable tumor on his arm. Deciding to bring to life scores, he stripped out in the cold. However, long exposure to cold had no effect on the health of Ivanov. He continued the experiments on his own body, every day to be drenched in ice water. And a miracle happened: instead of a lethal outcome porphyry is completely healed from all ailments.

a Watershed episode in the life of Ivanov began on 25 April 1933. I sat night for the books and for a moment forgot tired, I saw in a dream a beautiful view of a man who boldly walked through the snow completely naked. From this picture I woke up all excited, and this image became an example for me and the goal, recalled the time hisgo insight the future healer.

Ivanov is heavily engaged in self-education: read Marx, Engels, Lenin, listened to lectures on health and longevity, while continuing hardening of the body. Gradually began to Mature their own concept of harmonious living, which will be the basis for Kids. Its essence is that power, politics, religion, money, comfort, pleasure does not make people happy, because the true value of life is the man himself, and his unity with Nature. But the Central idea of the doctrine of Ivanov was the achievement of physical immortality.

Russian miracle

In November-December 1936, in Moscow was held the VIII extraordinary Congress of Soviets, which accepted the new Constitution. Walking these days on red square, people could not help but notice a half-naked barefoot man, who was trying to break the Kremlin walls. Of course, they immediately became interested in police officers: it was none other than porphyry Ivanov, who set out to convince parliamentary colleagues to consider in the main document of the country the rights of those who have been found mentally ill.

the Troublemaker was immediately taken to the Lubyanka, where he personally spoke to Beria. Apparently not finding in the personality and actions of a visitor threatening anything, he was admitted to Stalins office. The chief himself volunteered to get acquainted with a strange Walker. In addition to Stalin in conversation was attended by Voroshilov and Kalinin, covered guest with questions about his strange approach to human health. Silent only Stalin. However, in parting, according to Ivanov, he said: Make man will not make you die, like everyone else.

the Great Patriotic war, Porfiry Ivanov met in the town of Krasny Sulin, Rostov region, still continuing to walk the streets in shorts. In the autumn of 1942 came to the city, German troops here for some time housed the headquarters of the commander of the 6th army of Friedrich Paulus. The soldiers of the Wehrmacht brought eccentric bearded man to the General. Ivanov entered with a future FelMarsala in the discussion, explaining to him the futility of this war. He asked me, Who wins? I said, Stalin, said Ivanov later. Goodbye Paulus gave this strange Russian stamp paper, which stated that the bearer is not touched as it is interest to science.

However, despite the protectorate of Paulus, the Gestapo still detained Ivanova, suspecting him as a partisan-saboteur. Three weeks felt it was doused in the cold cold water was locked up for the night in the barn, buried in the snow. And he though that itself sings obscene ditties and Church hymns.

In 1957 the Soviet Union held another campaign against religious cults and mysticism. Authorities have busted all: psychics, sorcerers, fortunetellers, magicians, folk healers. Got under the hot hand and Porfiry Ivanov.

And what is your treatment?, asked the detainee investigator. He explained to him about the human interaction with the land, the rules of temper and purity of thought, the harm of Smoking and the benefits of fasting days. Interrogation gradually turned into a debate, and the severe policeman was softened. In his eyes was not a drop of guile. And conceit at the time, did not notice. I was filled with the sincerity of Porfiry Korneyevich and dont regret it No guilt for it does not find he wrote later led the interrogation of Colonel Vladimir Vinogradov.

Not a prison, so the hospital

the Soviet authorities never found something to complain about in the folk healer Ivanov, but domestic psychiatrists found him as their client. In 1935, Ivanov was in a psychiatric hospital in Rostov-on-don, where he was brought by police after arrest in the city market, where hes in his underpants propagated his teachings. In a medical Ivanov has appeared the entry schizophrenia and the expert Commission awarded him the document invalid. It is for this reason he fought during the great Patriotic war.

In the 1960-ies porphyry Ivanoin gave a new reason for doctors to put themselves in a mental hospital. He publicly stated that he taken an active part in the flight of Gagarin into space, helping the Americans to return from the moon to the Earth, but most importantly preventing the outbreak of a Third world war. At the Institute of forensic psychiatry them. Serbian, he was found insane, only noting the previous diagnosis of chronic mental disorder in the form of schizophrenia. A total of porphyry Ivanov spent in psychiatric hospitals Moscow, Leningrad, Odessa, Kazan and Rostov 12 years, experienced the full power of the Soviet punitive medicine.

the Life of Porfiry Ivanov entered a relatively quiet channel only in 1971, when the faithful disciples on the farm Top Andruchi built a teachers house. Here he is next to the assistant Valentina Sukharevskaya spent the last 7 years of my life, taking people who need healing. In 1979, about Porfirii Ivanov made a documentary, in the same year, it published an article in the journal technology youth. He has become a recognizable and respected man in the country.

Alas, to achieve immortality teacher of the people failed. He died on 86-m to year of life, even after death he remained faithful to his ideas: his colleagues, following the will of the mentor within three days watered the lifeless body with cold water.

Between sectarianism and messianism

Doctrine created by Porfiry Ivanov, has both loyal supporters and staunch opponents. Some consider it hardly probable not the Messiah, proclaiming a new era of humanity, the other an ignoramus and a charlatan. However, it should be recognized that the method of healing, developed by Ivanov, despite its criticism, effective. Thousands of people she helped to heal the disease, to cope with whom the official medicine was not.

For example, one of the Ivanovo, Moscow engineer Anatoliy Trush writes that he did not get out of hospitals and clinics, and its covered diagnoses medical record weighed a pound. But after PRobsheniya to the system of Ivanova he got rid of colds and has fully recovered seemingly lost hearing.

However, the researchers attention is more directed not at the practical side of the teachings of Porfiry Ivanov, and ideological. It is often identified with the religious movement, which incorporates a rich mix of neo-paganism and nekrestyanova and find in common with the traditions of Taoism, Buddhism and yoga. Theologian and doctor of philosophical Sciences Sergey Ivanenko sees Ivanovs doctrine of the elements of sectarianism playing a destructive role in relation to the individual, society and the state.

a Historian of philosophy, spiritual and material culture of Ancient Russia Vladimir Milkov notes that for all his pantheism Porfiriy not contrasted their ideas of Christianity, but was free from its dogmas. Ivanov personal example called for openness, benevolence, covetousness, moderation of consumption. But no wonder they say good intentions paved the road to hell. The enemy of creation of the idols he the end of life has become the object of deification and worship.

Taras Repin

Source: Russian Seven

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