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Posted: February 13, 2020 at 3:44 pm

Music festivals celebrate both art and artists of various genres of music. They also provide a platform for veterans and new artists to showcase their talent in front of a dedicated audience. From good food to good company, music festivals are the perfect space for magic to happen for those who dont mind a little bit of crowd. Listed below are some of the best music festivals in the world for anyone who wants to visit them.

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When compared to other major music festivals, Green Man is quite small and intimate. However, it manages to combine various genres of music with a host of different types of art, which includes painting, poetry, literature, and films. Featuring favoured, talented local artists, this music festival is a beautiful combination of bonfires and secret musical performances.

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Held in the Byron Bay town, this splendid gig in Australia is a perfect mix oftemperate weather, delicious seafood, and dazzling sun. It involves performances by some of the biggestnames in the music industry. The name of the festival has been derived from Wordsworths iconic poem: Ode: Imitations of Immortality.

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One could expect a country with a rich cultural history as Zimbabwe to host one of the most vibrant music festivals in the world. Harare was started in 1999, and since then, it has become one of the central art festivals in the country, including music, dance, and art. It showcases the local culture of the African continent, including genres such as Afro-pop. Some of the biggest names in the African music industry are associated with this music festival.

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The USA has a rich past of country music, and the CMA festival continues to preserve this culture. Not only does the festival include days of awesome concerts, but it also organises meets and greets where the audience members can meet and interact with their favourite artists. Almost anyone associated with country music has performed a gig at the CMA festival.

A unique thing about this music festival is that it never stops. Once the line-up of performances for the day is complete, the audience will not have to go back home;instead, they can go to the after-hour gigs and listen to some more music there. Several big names associated with the pop music industry have played at this music festival, which makes it even more enjoyable.

Music lovers can choose to visit any of the above music festivals, or similar ones held in other countries. Once you visit a new country for the festival, you even get a chance to explore that country as a tourist. Take your pick and get packing!

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Popular music festivals from around the world for music lovers - Republic World - Republic World

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