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Posted: July 15, 2020 at 9:53 pm


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KIM Aranha, the president of the Bahamas Humane Society, said she is disturbed by reports that police officers shot and killed several dogs that posed no threat to them last week.

Details of the incident are scarce but Assistant Superintendent of Police Audley Peters confirmed yesterday the Royal Bahamas Police Force has received a complaint about the matter and has launched an investigation.

Reports are that between three and five pit bulls were killed, with Mrs Aranha saying she understands three dogs were killed in the High Vista area.

It is absolutely unacceptable, she said. As far as we can tell there was no need for it. The police dont have a very good track record with dogs in yards. There must be an investigation and we will call for one and we are talking to authorities about it.

Its deplorable, its unacceptable and it happens far too frequently. We had a big rash of it last year and we even had it on film where one policeman came into a property and shot a dog that was chained, a dog that could not reach the policeman. The animal was completely harmless. The dog did not die. We went and picked him up and we cared for him and his owner got him back but there was no need to shoot that dog. He was ten feet away on a chain but the killing of dogs in yards happens too often.

It worries me. If a policeman wants to run through my yard and my dog is unchained, my dog wont understand that hes a policeman. Theyre protecting my property. Its not unreasonable that the dog would go after someone who jumps the wall and is running through my property, whether that person has a good reason or not. The Bahamas Humane Society has offered training to the police force. There is a very renowned former police officer who trains police forces all over the world on how to handle aggressive dogs. We have offered our services to the Royal Bahamas Police Force but nobody has taken me up on that. What Im hearing is the dogs in this case posed no threat.

In February 2019, Mrs Aranha complained after two dogs were allegedly shot in their owners yard by police officers.

According to social media reports at the time, the shooting incident occurred while officers were executing a search warrant at a residence. The dogs were said to have been tied at the time and not roaming free.

Mrs Aranha said both dogs, which were pitbull type, were shot twice and taken to the BHS for treatment. One dog underwent surgery at the time due to a bullet being lodged in its jaw, she said last year.

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