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Posted: July 21, 2020 at 12:11 pm

There is a lot up in the air about the new reboot forPirates of the Caribbean,but fans can finally be sure that Margot Robbie will be taking a leading role. On top of that, this female-led flick will also have a female writer, Christina Hodson. These two talented ladies worked together onBirds of Preyand are teaming up again.

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While fans wait patiently for more information about their favorite pirate franchise, they should at least get refreshed, or up-to-date, about these two women. So, here are five things that everyone needs to know about Margot Robbie, and five about Christina Hodson.

This talented and versatile actress is far from a new face to the big screen, and she's certainly also dabbled in some pretty incredible and critically-acclaimed films.

With two Oscar nominations under her belt (forI, Tonya,andBombshell), fans should know that this actress is one of the most talented in the business today. It will be refreshing to see her join a popular franchise.

This new writer is definitely a baby in the business, but she's definitely already proved herself. She's becoming a pretty big name in the DC universe, too. FromBumblebeetoBirds of Prey,Hodson is also signed up forThe FlashandBatgirl.

She's obviously got the action genre down-pat and knows her way around female leads and popular franchises. It will be incredible to see what she does with the pirate series.

Many of the actors and actresses that have joined this pirate franchise are not actually American, and Margot Robbie is no exception. She was born and raised in Australia and has an adorable accent to prove it.

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She starred in an Australian soap! Then, her Hollywood career took off in the 2010s. Since then, the rest is truly history, and it will be fascinating what this Australian actress makes of her pirate character.

Just like Margot Robbie, this writer is also not American. This is definitely fit for this popular franchise, and this English writer is of both English and Taiwanese descent.

Fans have seen what actors like Keira Knightley and Penelope Cruz brought to the table, and it's exciting that this new reboot will also have some more diverse views.

Margot Robbie had been in the acting business for a while, but her starring role alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese's popular flick,The Wolf of Wall Street,definitely put her name in lights.

Their chemistry on-screen matched with the unique and mesmerizing characters scored this movie serious attention, and there was no doubt in anyone's mind after it that Robbie would be a star.

Obviously, Hodson has worked with Robbie and some other big names, but her very first writing credit was forShut In,which starred the iconic Naomi Watts. This psychological thriller was released in 2016 and marked Hodson's transition into screenplay writing.

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Clearly, her screenplaywas adapted to the big screen, and, while this film didn't exactly take off, it was definitely the start of something big. It definitely got Hodson to where she is now.

Every movie lover out there should at least know that this stunning and talented woman is the actress behind Harley Quinn inSuicide SquadandBirds of Prey.Robbie is pretty well-known for beating out incredible names for parts, including Emma Stone forTarzanandBlake LivelyforThe Wolf of Wall Street.

Probably what is most impressive though, is that Margot Robbie was simply offered the part of Harley Quinn,she didn't even have to audition. Now, it makes sense, because nobody else could slay it as well.

In many interviews, Christina Hodson has spoken up about how important it is to have powerful females on the big screen. With Hailee Steinfeld's character inBumblebeeto the female-ledBirds of Preyto her upcoming screenplay ofBatgirl,it's clear she's invested in women.

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Partnering up these strong ladies with a female writer is definitely making waves in Hollywood, and every fan waiting patiently for this spin-off flick should be prepared for a stellar flick with incredible women.

For anyone that isn't convinced about this bombshell, it's also important to know that she was incredibly humble beginnings. With a modest background, this actress used to be a 'sandwich artist' at Subway.

She's certainly come a long way, but she will be the first to admit she was pretty great at building a hoagie. However, no fan is upset that she moved on because her talent is out of this world.

Margot Robbie was actually the one that her heart set on doing a girl gang flick with her character, Harley Quinn. After pitching it to the studio, she was linked up with Christina Hodson.

Apparently, they hit it off, and the two worked together on bringing the movie to the big screen. Clearly, these two are a match made in heaven, and this spin-off film should definitely be highly-anticipated because of it.

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