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Posted: January 20, 2020 at 5:47 am

Every franchise needs a breakout character to establish itself, and Pirates of the Caribbean had its star-making performancein Captain Jack Sparrow. He has been so popular that the series has exclusively relied on the audience draw that comes with the character with each film.

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Jack is such an interesting figure that even his very first appearance had everything you needed to know about him - in a scene where he didnt even speak. But his strongest suit remains his fast tongue, and here are 10 of the best quotes that we heard Captain Jack Sparrow say in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Jack hasapersonality that brims with confidence, and hefindspositivity even in the worst of positions. During the first part, everybody tended to underestimate Jacks worth, who only proved them wrong every time.

In this scene, Commodore Norrington looked to take the mickey out of Jack by listing down all the things that made him the worst pirate that Norrington had ever heard. To this, Jack pointed out that, while Norringtons assertion might not be wrong, the latter had still heard of him, meaning Jack was still someone worth knowing.

Talking your way out of a bad situation is a much more valuable technique than fighting out of it, as it avoids needless conflict and an easy getaway. We all know that Jack isnt supposed to be Superman who can just punch his way around, but his effectiveness was perhaps just as great.

Jacks method of putting the other person in a false sense of security by playing the fool meant he could wiggle his way to freedom and even walk away with something in return. This allowed him to catch weaknesses in his enemy that he could use later on.

Many wondered how Jack remained on top of his game even though it appeared as if everyone was out to get his head. The answer would be that Jack was always mentally prepared for his battles. He did thingson the fly rather than have it premeditated.

He did this by having the right attitude to approach his problems, as Jack would take the situation in stride rather than rue over it. This quote was actually one of the rare glimpses in Jacks mind, which told us that he improvised his solutions each time.

Jack was clearly a shipper on deck in the matter of Will and Elizabeth, providing one-liners as his pieces of advice for the two of them to get their act together. Will, being the shy guy that he was, never knew when to make his move on her.

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Jack inwardly decided he would look out for when Will would have his opening where the moment arrived. Catching onto it, he informed Will that his opportune moment with Elizabeth had just passed. He didnt say this to mock him; rather, it was Jack telling Will that Elizabeth loved him too and there was nothing to fear.

Pirates are those without honor, and they look for openings where they can cheat and win their fights. While Jack was of the same mold, he wasnt one to take an innocents life this way. After he defeated Will through his cheating, Jack found him still standing in the way.

Anyone such as Barbossa wouldve instantly shot and killed Will, but Jack insisted Will move out; he even used please as a request. With a solitary bullet in his gun - that was meant for Barbossa - Jack confessed that he only had one target for that bullet.

Playing the fool and being a fool are two very different things, and Jack fellin the former category easily. While incarcerated, he heard the Black Pearl approaching as the other inmates started freaking out over the undead crew.

Jack proved he was hardly as gullible and foolish as the other pirates when he scoffed at the idea that the undead crew never left anyone alive. He made the very true and hilarious point that it wasnt possible for there to be any stories about the Black Pearl if nobody who encountered it was allowed to live.

Jacks superhero equivalent would definitely be Tony Stark, as he had the same level of wit and snark that Tony had. In between his many rants, Jack would generally throw in words of wisdom that ultimately were profound and meaningful.

Unlike the other pirates, Jacks idea of treasure wasnt the silver and gold kind as he was above such worldly pleasures. It was by knowing where the limits of treasure began and ended that Jack knew when to fold and walk away rather than lose his life for something that ultimately was a superficial prize.

Perhaps we spoke too soon on Jacks idea of treasure, seeing as he did seem to value rum above everything else in the world. If you were to ask him if he wanted world peace or rum, then Jack would easily give the world away for a bottle.

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Unfortunately for him, he had horrible luck when it came to keeping said rum within his reach as circumstances around him always led to Jack being devoid of his favorite drink. At one point, in his exasperation, he asked this very question to the universe.

Never trust a pirate because they always lie, but poor Jack doesnt get trusted even though he doesnt lie all that much. If you notice, Jack tends to skirt around the truth rather than tell an outright lie. He plays the others distrust in him to his advantage.

However, Jack himself didnt seem to understand why people didnt consider him a truthful person, as when Norrington confessed his surprise that Jack really was telling the truth during a particular situation, the latter voiced his exasperation that his honesty is always met with surprise.

The funny thing is that whenever Jack says this line, things end up going very badly for him. Even funnier is how he tends to say it after hes managed to pull off a great escape, only for karma to come roaring back at him the next moment.

And yet, it still ranks as Jacks finest line because it tells you most of what his characterization is. The quote conveys that Jack is a confident man capable of talking his way out of any given situation, and that those who encounter him would always remember him for the larger than life person that he was.

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