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Posted: April 17, 2021 at 11:42 am

The April 15 Overwatch patch brought in a slew of changes to multiple heroes, and the player base is not pleased with the direction the developers are taking the game.

Currently, Overwatch is in a rush-down meta, which consists of brawly heroes such as Reinhardt, Mei, and Reaper being speed boosted into the enemy team to assassinate targets.

One big problem with this meta stems from Baptistes Immortality Field being able to save teammates with ease something the developers tried to address by rebalancing the supports kit.

Sadly, the changes are leaving a lot to be desired, as Immortality Field will still be able to keep players alive just with a little less health than before. As streamer Warn pointed out, this doesnt really change things.

Im sorry, this doesnt change the fundamental value of an ability that keeps an entire team alive through every ultimate of every fight off cooldown! the Ashe main exclaimed. Please PlayOverwatch consider damage reduction over immortality.

Additionally, to compensate for the Immortality Field nerf, the devs increased Baptistes healing when landing direct shots. This, too, has players annoyed.

140 healing directs through Bap window Im sad, remarked OWL pro Charlie Nero Zwarg, referring to how much healing Baptiste can do now when firing through Amplification Matrix.

Why [do] they always give broken heroes redeeming buffs that end up being better than the nerf? asked Dante Danteh Cruz, who was a bit baffled by the changes made to the hero.

Elsewhere, Contenders Korea pro Sang-hoon Kaiser Ryu called the patch probably the worst hes seen.

Rein comps are rarely seen in KR competitive and monkey comps are used more, he said, remarking on how Reinhardt had his health nerfed a touch.

This was echoed by popular Twitch streamer Flats, who believes that the meta was changing from Reinhardt anyway and moving towards double bubble consisting of Winston and Zarya.

However, with the buffs to Orisa and Roadhog, it seems like Winston may not even have much time to shine.

Finally, players are already calling for Moiras huge Orb buff to be reverted. In a clip posted on Twitter, a player showed how they were able to constantly stay alive against a Winston and even a Brigitte by constantly spamming the Biotic Orb.

Nerf Moira, the player captioned the clip.

Of course, because these changes are still on the Experimental Card, theres a chance not all of them hit the live servers but very rarely does Blizzard ever hold back on changes once theyve been approved for testing.

In any case, well have to see if the Overwatch devs listen up or if were headed towards a bizarre and even more controversial meta.

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Overwatch players are furious at the worst Experimental patch yet - Dexerto

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