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Posted: November 26, 2019 at 12:46 pm

While this one doesnt fix the TM system per say, it is probably the most requested TMclass out there, and no discussion about TMs would be complete without it. Since Niantic announced that Dratinis Community Day move would not be TMable back in February 2017, players have been asking for a way to unlock event and/or legacy moves on an existing Pokemon. A special rare TM(or possibly HM [Hidden Machine]? Its not like TMs work this way in the main series, so they could bend the rules a bit here too) is the most likely solution.

This is a huge issue for many players. Have a good Pokemon? Better hold onto it for 6 months or more in case it gets a community day move. Caught a high-IV shiny Zapdos from a research breakthrough? Too bad it doesnt have its event move. Adding this type of TM, even if extremely rare, would give players substantially more confident in their choices, and make the game more forgiving in general.

Back in the summer of 2016, pretty much everyone played Pokemon Go, so everyone had the same opportunities from the start. Nowadays, new players are at a disadvantage as theyve missed out on countless events and legendary Pokemon, meaning theyre less likely to play for any length of time. While this is a mobile game and events come and go like with any other, the concept that its possible that Pokemon like Psystrike Mewtwo may never return to raids (though it very likely will) can be enough to make players returning to Pokemon Go stop after they realize just how much theyve missed. This system would at least give them some degree of hope that they can catch up, even if their road is harder than it was for those that were there for initial releases.

Legacy and Event Pokemon only have real value for one reason; their rarity. Without that, theyre just powerful Pokemon, even if theyre at the top of their niches. If they can be obtained at will, then this value evaporates as the window for obtaining them expands indefinitely.

Niantic doesnt run Pokemon Go for fun, they run it because it turns a very large profit. For every event, its a sure thing that Niantic looks at their profits for the period and compares it to profits at other times to see what sells well. Enter Community Days! The reason that Community Days are still around is obviously that theyre profitable for Niantic, so giving players a reason to not partake in them (and maybe buy some Pokecoins on the side) is just not good business sense. The other answer would be to make these special TMs available in the shop, but that will begin to turn a game thats largely fair to its free-to-play players towards a pay-to-win model.

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