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Billy C. MIlhouse to Regenal Jamison, Portion of TMN 0113-13-13-006.000, Liberty Township, $8,000.

Roy Emerson Senn to Patricia Ann Vier, TMN 0324-10-01-002.005, $10 in hand.

Barney M. Houser to Shirley Adams, Portion of TMS 0143-12-05-004.000, $12,000.

Courtyard Group, LLC to Beverly Parler Rice, TMN 0151-20-04-034, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable consideration.

William P. Wooten, Trustee of the William P. Wooten Revocable Trust Agreement, dated July 23, 2015 to Jai Lanbajathara, LLC, TMS 0173-13-33-001, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable consideration.

America IRA, LLC fbo John R. Payne, Traditional IRA to Harold Anthony Oliver and Christina Ann Oliver, Part of TMS 0299-00-02-001.000, $24,000.

Steve Melan to Christopher Alan Logsdon, TMS 0330-00-05-018.000,$109,000.

Joseph E. Horger and Charles F. Horger to Harry Fanning, TMN 0125-19-04-004.000, $20,000.

Thomas Mack to Howard Stokes and Karen Stokes, TMS 0282-11-06-003.000, $5.

Dwight L. Varnum and Juliet E. Streaty-Varnum to Cameron B. Proper and Victoria L. Proper, TMS 0142-15-02-016.000, Limestone Township, $286,000.

Lesli B. Darwin to Tavarus Kennerly, TMN 0066-00-02-102.000, $1,250.

Helen P. Griffith to Lewis Joe Welch and Carrie Ann Welch, TMN 0282-00-03-001, Elloree Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

Darrell H. Johnson to Cody V. Johnson, TMS 0126-00-05-020.000, Zion Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

Hillview Properties, LLC to Opulent-One Group, LLC, TMS 0173-16-10-009, Orange Township, $17,000.

Daniel Lingham to Kembalina Duggins, TMS 0253-00-02-018.000 and 0253-00-02-014.000, Cow Castle Township, $5 and division of property.

Harve Mobley, III and Julie Mobley to Melissa M. Tiemeyer, TPN 0150-07-00-003.000,

Milledge J. Holstein to William D. Bramlett and Brenda Bramlett, Tax ID No: 0100340, Town of North, $126,000. $375,000.

Bobby Jamison, Sr. to Sammy Jones and Alison Jones, TMS 0070-00-02-011.000, Liberty Township, $10,000.

Don Thomas Lee to Samuel E. Blakely, Sr. and Joey Blakely, TMN 0361-14-04-002.000, $25,000.

Lynn W. Sweatman to Aaron Bubba Sweatman, TMS 0357-08-01-015, $5 and other valuable consideration.

Sheryl M. Davis, Robin M. Leitch, Cynthia M. Blakeney and Elizabeth M. Newman to Nettie D. Martin, TMN 0151-12-05-015, City of Orangeburg, $5, love and affection.

Nettie D. Martin, by Sheryl M. Davis, Attorney in Fact, to Betty Cartrette Smith, TMN 0151-12-05-015.000, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable consideration.

Betty C. Smith aka Betty Cartrette-Smith to Leon Dykes, TMS 0151-05-03-007.000, $5 and other valuable consideration.

Rebecca L. Pitman to David W. Hanson and Catherine M. Hanson, Tax Parcel # 0012-11-02-008.000, Town of Springfield, $49,000.

Woodrow Chance Holman, III to Russell N. Hewitt, Jr., TMN 0345-20-01-008, $5 and other valuable consideration.

Tommy M. Stillinger to New Life in Christ Church, a portion of TMS 0067-05-01-001.000, Town of North, $14,000.

One Oak Holdings, LLC to Adjoy G. Chakrabarti and Sukla Chakrabarti, Portion of TMN 0233-00-02-018.000, Middle Township, $80,000.

Helen Stewart to Thomas Bauldrick and Rossie Bauldrick,TMN 0207-07-02-013.000, $2,000.

Keneke Bell and Sabrina Bell Coleman to Leila Ann Steadman, TMN 0054-14-01-013.000, $4, love and affection.

Corrective Deed Robert H. Baker and Margaret A. White to Birt Wilson Willis and Rebecca Pait Willis, TMN 0324-13-018.000 and 0324-13-03-047.000, $145,000 and no other valuable consideration.

Reality Investments, LLC to FSA REO, LLC, Holly Hill Township, $60,000.

Joanne Schneider to Margaret Davis, TMS 0142-12-02-009.000, Limestone Township, $157,000.

Josuan Yamil Nieves to Philip A. Rockefeller and Jennifer R. Rockefeller, TMS 0324-16-01-016.000, Vance Township, $256,000.

Sammy Brown to Bertha Lee Howze, TMN 0255-00-02-011.000, Cow Castle Township, $5, love and affection.

Jean C. Corbett to William, Jason Corbett and Julius Gary Corbett, Tax Parcel # 0308-00-04-001.000, Vance Township, $5, love and affection.

Russell Lucas Akin and Ellen M. Akin to Michael Wise and Sandra Yvonne Wise, TMN 0324-15-01-004.000, $240,000.

Paragon Development of SC LLC to C. Daniel Development LLC, TMS 0181-12-07-003.000, $15,000.

Enock N. Gustave to Solomon Stokes and Gail J. Stokes, TMS 0182-05-12-017 and a portion of 0182-05-12-0015, Orange Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

Michael Moorer to Randy O. Heywood and Brenda M. Heywood, TMS 0285-00-02-00-306, $5 and other valuable consideration.

Margaret L. Bailey to Richard W. Dial and Christina M. Dial, TMS 0361-13-03-016, $30,000.

Margaret Bailey and Lynn Shelton to Richard W. Dial and Christina M. Dial, TMS 0361-13-03-017, $40,000.

Connie Jennings to James L. Peeples, Sr. and Deloris Peeples, TMN 0154-15-3-071.000, Zion Township, $4,250.

Britton D. Moorer to Gregory A. Dame and Glenda R. Dame, Portion of TMS 0312-00-03-005, Providence Township, $13,740.

Gregory A. Dame and Glenda R. Dame to Tiffany D. Domingo, Portion of TMS 0312-00-03-005, Providence Township, $5.

Gregory A. Dame and Glenda R. Dame to Gregory A. Dame, II and Brittany N. Holley, TMS 0312-00-03-005, Providence Township, $5.

HKYO Holdings, LLC to Mark Gilmore and George Wells, TMS 0236-00-07-006, Middle Township, love and affection.

Shellie Baxter Kinard aka Shirley B. Kinard to Shastity Harley, TMS 0231-00-02-029.000 Portion of, Branchville Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.

Maxine E. Williams, Antoine Otis Flood, Loreatha Jenkins, Earnest Peoples, Willie E. Peoples and Ricky O. Flood, Jr. to Lakia P. Hart and Laquinn S. Hart, TMS 0168-00-07-008, Zion Township, $6,500.

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