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Posted: March 5, 2020 at 6:59 pm

To the Editor:

Im going to assume that the writer of the first letter against Ted Nugent appearing here in The Villages, is from a Democrat. Thats fine an certainly within his/her rights. But theres a more serious issue here that sadly has been in evidence for some time now. Im referring to Freedom of Speech. Our very 1st Amendment!The left in general has changed the meaning of 1A. Their interpretation is that free speech is free and desirable if and only if it agrees with their views! We see this over and over again whether it applies to a conservative speaker at a university forum or a journalist being severely beaten by members of ANTIFA. As I said, the writer had a perfect right to voice his opinion on Ted Nugent. More importantly he can show his opposition by not attending whatever venue Nugent is appearing at. Thats the beauty of our Bill of Rights. Its important to remember that ones freedoms extend only up to the point where they interfere with anothers freedoms.

Gary MoscowitzVillage of LaBelle North

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Opposition to Ted Nugent - Villages-News

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