Online movie screenings support Zeitgeist and local theaters across the country –

Posted: March 24, 2020 at 5:29 am

With upcoming films including a Chinese mob thriller set in Wuhan, an ominous Western set in Brazil's equivalent of the Outback and an Oscar-nominated Polish drama about a lay preacher with a dark secret, Zeitgeist Theatre & Lounge had a diverse array of movies lined up for coming weeks not unlike any month in its 33 years of presenting independent, arthouse, foreign and all sorts of other films.

Local movie lovers can't go to theaters, which were among the first venues ordered closed last week by state decree. And while there's a never-ending stream of content available online, fans of arthouse cinema now can watch independent and foreign films and support a local theater at the same time.

Kino Lorber and Film Movement are among the film distributors and viewing platforms that are partnering with independent theaters across the country.

Zeitgeist Theater & Lounge had to close its doors last week, but it iis proceeding with scheduled releases in partnership with the two distributors. The film platforms are splitting with Zeitgeist online viewing fees from viewers using a special link. To support the theater, viewers should click the links available on the Zeitgeist website, or use the links below (trailer available on the linked page).

"Wild Goose Lake" The noirish Chinese crime thriller wastes no time with its gritty start. Liu Aiai, a woman who works as a prostitute in a seedy resort area on the movie's namesake lake, meets with Zhou Zenong, a small time mobster who runs a motorcycle theft ring. A brawl between his gang and another spun out of control, and someone outside the two gangs was shot during the melee. She has come to share who has been killed.

The intrigue escalates and the action whisks through the seedy underbelly of a city beset with gangs and corrupt cops and government officials. That city is Wuhan, China epicenter of the coronavirus also where the film was shot. Director Diao Yinan also made the award-winning "Black Coal, Thin Ice." Zeitgeist link here.

"Corpus Christi" Director Jan Komasa's film was nominated for Best International Feature Film at the recent Academy Awards, but the Oscar went to "Parasite," which also won Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Director. In "Corpus Christi," a young man has a spiritual awakening while in a juvenile prison serving a sentence for second degree murder. He escapes the prison, and impersonates a priest, eventually finding a flock in a small parish. They embrace him, though he prefers his own vision to church orthodoxy. Link here.

"L'Innocent" Director Luchino Visconti's 1976 tale of lust and jealousy among 19th-century aristocrats was restored in 2019 and re-released. The wealthy Tullio neglects his wife Giuliana in favor of his mistress, the domineering Countess Raffo. But when Giuliana finds her own new lover, Tullio is torn with jealousy. Link here.

"Bacurau" Sort of a Western set in a barren rural area of Brazil, "Bacurau" follows the residents of a small town after their longtime matriarchal leader dies. It's set in the near future, and residents realize that their town has disappeared from the internet it's not on Google maps or indicated by GPS. They don't know if they've been forgotten and left to fend for themselves. Link.

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Online movie screenings support Zeitgeist and local theaters across the country -

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