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Posted: October 16, 2019 at 5:44 pm

A new version of the OnionShare programnow allows you to easily create basic anonymous dark web sites on Tor so that they cannot be censored. This is particularlyuseful for those who wish to publish information anonymously, but do not want to deal with the mechanics of setting up their own dark web server.

OnionShare is a program for Windows, Mac, and Linux that was originally designed to let you easily and anonymously share and receivefiles on the dark web. It does this by bundling the Tor client and turning your computer into a web server that is accessible only via Tor.

When sharing or receiving files, OnionShare will create arandom .onion address that can be shared with other users in order to share files or turn your computer into an anonymous dropbox that users can send files.

For example, in the screen below you can what it looks like when OnionShare is configured as an anonymous dropbox and someone else connects to it to send a file.

With the release of OnionShare 2.2, users are now able to create basic web sites using HTML, JavaScript, and images and publish them anonymously on the dark web.

This enables you to publish an anonymous site that cannot be censored and for your visitors to remain anonymous asthey access the site.

"This website is only accessible from the Tor network, so people will need Tor Browser to visit it," states the OnionShare announcement for this new version."People who visit your website will have no idea who you are they wont have access to your IP address, and they wont know your identity or your location. And, so long as your website visitors are able to access the Tor network, the website cant be censored."

To publish a website through OnionShare, simply click on the "Publish Website" tab and drag the HTML, JavaScript, andimages files for your site onto the program's screen. When ready to make your site accessible, click on the Start sharing button to publish the site to the Tor network.

Once published, OnionShare will display a random onion URL you can share with users. You can also configure the programs settings to use a "persistent address" and place it in "public mode" to make the site use a normal onion address as shown below.

Now when a user visits the site in the Tor Browser, they will be shown the website from your computer through OnionShare.

It should be noted, though, that once you use OnionShare to publish a web site, OnionShare and your computer must continue to run for the site to be accessible to others users on the Tor network. Once you shutdown your computer or close OnionShare, the site will be shutdown as well.

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