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Posted: December 11, 2019 at 8:47 pm

North Minerva Reef is the larger and most preferred of two large submerged atolls, popular as a stopover destination and place to await favourable weather for yachts in transit to Tonga or Fiji. North Minerva is almost perfectly oval in shape measuring approximately three and a halfnautical miles across. The reef rim is just 900m wide and has one fairly wide pass through the northwest face, big enough for yachts to pass through easily.

Minerva is described as being like a lake in the middle of the ocean;on the outside of the reef the ocean is 2000m deep, but on the insidethe lagoon is only 20m deep and makes a good anchorage with extensive sandy areas. At low tide the reef is 1m or so above sea level, whileat high tide the sea washesover the top.

The uninhabited reefs are disputed territory between Fiji and Tonga and were named after the whaleship Minerva that wrecked on what is now South Minerva in 1829. A great summary of a number of Minerva wreck tales written by Scottand WendyBannerot can be found here.The reefs are also known as excellent sites for diving and snorkelling as they are in near pristine condition, please take care to help keep them that way.

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North Minerva Reef | YIT