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Posted: June 13, 2021 at 12:32 pm

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The first neolibertarians to use the term did so in response to the Iraq War. Distancing themselves from the generally anti-war response of the mainstream libertarian movement, neolibertarians proudly set out their reasons for supporting the War on Terror and an effort to secure the freedom of the Iraqi people.

While most libertarians tend to adopt isolationist positions in issues and matters of war, neolibertarians range anywhere from ambivalent to strongly for intervention. The largest debate is actually the American Civil War, where mainstream libertarians take the side of the Confederates against the Union, generally holding that the right of secession in principle trumps other concerns. The neolibertarian position favors the Union, primarily for the reason that freeing the slaves represents a moral justification to bring down the Confederacy. The Iraq War and to a lesser extent the U.S. Invasion of Afghanistan represent ongoing disputes between these factions.

Another key difference is regards to domestic policy, where neolibertarians are strong advocates of incrementalism, i.e. making many small changes over time. By contrast, mainstream libertarians tend to advocate for drastic, almost-immediate policy changes.

Despite getting along better with Neoconservatism, they have arguments with them as well. Where neoconservatives strongly support the building of democratic governments in the wake of militarily defeated dictatorships, neolibertarians are more concerned with letting Capitalism operate after any military victory. If capitalism is allowed to operate, they argue, the former subjects of militarily defeated governments will naturally arrange governments (whatever the form) which are, if only out of political expediency, more friendly to their subjects' newfound economic freedoms and therefore much less likely to jeopardize the benefits which neolibertarians believe capitalism offers.

Flag of Neo-Libertarianism

Neolibertarianism is usually represented with a gold and black version of the NATO flag.

And you're done.

Flag of Neo-Libertarianism

Neolibertarians are often made fun of by other libertarians because of their support of foreign wars and their willingness to pay tax to the state. Subsequently, they are sometimes called "Bootlickers".

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