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Posted: June 17, 2020 at 1:45 am

NASCAR tossed out First Amendment


It's been a heck of a ride, but this is where I get off.

I really don't care what flag you display. I really don't care what a driver and sponsor put on their cars. I really don't care about their politics. Know why? Because I watch NASCAR to watch auto racing. Get it? Race cars, not race politics.

Want politics? Switch channels.

With your recent flag ban, you threw the First Amendment away and sacrificed yourself on the altar of political correctness.

I respect the right to freedom of speech. You obviously don't. The First Amendment is there to protect unpopular speech and ideas, not popular ones.

What's next? Can I bring a copy of "Huck Finn" to the track? How about a copy of "Gone with the Wind?" Will children be able to wear PAW Patrol T-shirts, or play with LEGO police figures? What about G.I. Joe?

Are you going to ban displays of the Bible, too? How about prayer? Don't want to offend anybody!

Welcome to FASCAR, race fans: Fascist Association of Stock Car Racing.

Bill Bastenbeck

Dayton, Tennessee

Bridging the divide one dinner at a time

"They have equal opportunity, what do they want?" my frustrated father asked. I answered, "They want respect."

The George Floyd episode convinced this conservative white woman of the validity of the June 3, 2020, commentary by Chicago Tribune columnist Dahleen Glanton.

My dad lives in an expensive Dallas retirement facility. He said he very much likes the black employees who wait tables, etc. "Dad, how many black people live there?" "Not many." "Why?" He finally concluded that seeing so many white faces dissuaded blacks from choosing that location.

We are too tribal on both sides. Legislation cannot solve the problem of insidious racist subversion of attempts to seize equal opportunity. Every one of us of every tribe needs to intentionally embrace knowing our neighbor through inclusiveness.

I love my casual black friends and associates. Have I ever asked them to dinner to talk one-on-one? No. I plan to do my part to bridge this divide and make us all proud to pledge allegiance to our beautiful flag of freedom and opportunity.

Sherry Kitts


People's government thoughts appreciated

Thanks, Times Free Press Perspective, for the commentary by Michael Woodward in Sunday's edition about "Beyond the Bible: America's True Founders." Much of his article is basically what I was taught in the '50s and '60s by my pastor, who is a Greek and Hebrew scholar and a strong advocate for our republic form of government. Paraphrasing the closing paragraph of the Woodward commentary:

Our Constitution neither mentions God nor acknowledges the existence of a national creed. In it, that is in our constitution, sovereignty rests with the people, not God; we the people are the absolute final source of authority in our government of the people by the people and for the people!

Woodward gives credit to our religious founding fathers and the principles they stood for. If our current religious leaders, in particular our pastors, do not begin to stand for a righteous government with its authority from the people of the United States, will we lose our government by the people? Will we lose our cities to these godless socialist terrorists protesters, who are supported by rich idiots and managed by uneducated thugs?

Paul Jones

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