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Posted: October 12, 2019 at 12:47 pm

When theres an oversupply of breast milk, several mothers from Hong Kong have found a way to put the excess supply to good use. Breast milk can be used as an eczema treatment, face mask, plant fertilizer, and even as jewelry.

Many successful breastfeeding moms attested to the abundance of milk. Since this milk holds a host of nutrients, they have devised ways to put them to good use.

Eczema Treatment

As per South China Morning Posts report, a mother from Hong Kong used breast milk to treat the eczema of her 2-month-old baby. She mixed 180ml of breast milk to her babys bath and found visible improvements on her babys skin after 1 week. Aside from this, the breast milk also made her babys skin super soft.

Mother finds other uses of breastmilk. Photo: Satyatiwari - Pixabay

Face Mask

Another mom who found a way how to use her excess breast milk was Serena Eze. As a businesswoman, she would often travel far from home, away from her 3-month-old baby. To keep breastfeeding him, she would pump milk while on business trips. Due to the abundant supply, she would use it as a face mask and body lotion. Mixing it with essential oils and using the solution for 6 months gave her smooth skin.

Plant Fertilizer

Another inspiring mom, Jade Poon, followed the suggestion of her friend to use breast milk for her plants. This came after she posted on Instagram that she was giving a milk bath to her baby, where she adds breast milk to help treat her sons cradle cap. Her friend then suggested that she make use of the milk to nourish her plants. So instead of simply pouring out the water into the drain, she used it to water her plants. The result was amazing. Her dying plants got the nourishment they needed and started becoming healthy.


Some jewelers in Hong Kong have found a way to preserve breast milk and use it as a keepsake for doting moms. One mom preserved her milk and had it made as a trinket. She would have this as a keepsake that could last her and her family a lifetime.

These other uses of breast milk simply show that moms with an oversupply of breast milk must not worry or be stressed. There are other breast milk uses that can certainly benefit not just moms, but also the whole family.

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More Than Food: 4 Breast Milk Uses Other Than For Feeding Babies - International Business Times

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