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Posted: April 29, 2021 at 12:49 pm

Despite his unfortunate error concerning the churchs present stance on Galileos tradition-shattering observations on heliocentricity (see the 1992 statement from John Paul II, and the Pontifical Academy of Sciences) Trey Casimirs comments about transcendence in the April 27 Daily Item were, as usual, spot on. But they didnt go far enough

If I learned one overriding lesson from the 18-plus years of research behind my recent book still unpublished due to its length Spirituality and the Afterlife: Materialism meets Immortality, it was that the transcendent was not wholly other but upon rare occasions, would enter into and be perceived by our human consciousness. Often, those intrusions would leave observable traces, little tidbits of evidence, sometimes laboratory-based, that would leave little doubt for the intellectually-honest observer that the transcendent was, after all, truly real.

These evidential traces are available for all to see if they choose to look. Unfortunately, the prevailing forces at both ends of the spectrum, the church at one end, the secular movement at the other, are generally averse (the secularists more so) to considering evidence that is detrimental to their own position. Until that changes (and it probably never will) misinformation will prevail, to the detriment of us all.

Donald C. Porteous Jr.,


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Misinformation will prevail | Opinion | dailyitem.com - Sunbury Daily Item

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