Mike Zaloxx explores the realm of trance with new banger ‘Saving Night’ – We Rave You

Posted: February 27, 2020 at 2:27 am

Mike Zaloxx, a Swiss DJ and producer, has been passionate about electronic music since the young age of 12. He started to look into music production around that age, and it wasnt until he finished with school that he could devote even more time into intensive producing sessions in which lead to what you can find in his growing discography right now. Playing around with genres such as big room, deep house, future house among others, his latest release takes listeners into the uplifting realm of trance.

Saving Nightis all about pure instrumentals, and it lets the beat do the talking. It features the elements of trance that fans of the genre love so well such as the pulsating synths at the start, mixed in with moments of euphoria and droplets of pure electrifying energy. All in all, Saving Night is a perfect representation of what makes the trance genre so well loved and will surely be taken in lovingly by the community. This is Zaloxxs first release outside of the big room/house genres, but it feels like hes been making trance for years and years on end, showcasing a natural talent for it. With the attention gained for far from this release (with over 100,000 plays on the radio edit on Spotify), its safe to say that Mike Zaloxx will be shifting his focus to trance, and we can expect more tracks in this direction from the talented artist during 2020.

Listen to Saving Night below, and keep an eye out for new releases by following his Instagram page here.

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Mike Zaloxx explores the realm of trance with new banger 'Saving Night' - We Rave You

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