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Posted: January 18, 2020 at 11:17 am

NORTHWOODS - While discussing the second amendment Monday, people in St. Germain exercised their first amendment rights.

Steve Carlberg came to the meeting in support of the resolution.

"They gave us the guns to have a militia to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic," said Carlberg. "That includes our own government."

Eric Olsen spoke in opposition to the resolution.

In the end both sides agreed, for the most part, that the issue is too important for a rushed decision. The town board unanimously approved a motion to put a Second Amendment Sanctuary question on the spring ballot.

"They did the right thing in there," said Carlberg. "Let's hear what the town has to say first, the majority of the townfolk - that's the American way."

"We don't need protection for guns," said a Merrill citizen at a city council. "We need protection from guns."

All four people who spoke during the public comment period were against the resolution. Citizens echoed the concerns about attracting tourists; and risking further endangering people experiencing domestic violence.

"Being a sanctuary city or sanctuary county, [that] would deny those families the protections the court is granting if nobody is going to enforce it," said a Merrill citizen.

Steven Osness is the Merrill alderman who introduced the resolution. He said it is a step in the right direction to protect people's constitutional rights.

"We want to protect the constitutional rights of people," said Osness. "If it's a first amendment, a second amendment, any amendment. We just want to ban together and protect our rights and freedoms."

In 6 to 2 vote, the City Council declared Merrill a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary. Lincoln and Langlade Counties will consider the second amendment sanctuary resolution at a later date.

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Merrill, St. Germain take different approaches on 2nd Amendment Sanctuary status - WJFW-TV

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