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Posted: April 15, 2021 at 6:35 am

As the Manhattan District Attorneys criminal investigation into potential bank, tax, and insurance fraud by Donald Trump ramps up, there are a number of key figures whose names likely sends shivers down the ex-presidents spine (or would if his handlers had actually explained the seriousness of the situation to him, rather than keeping him in a hermetically sealed bubble wherein hes only told the election was stolen from him and some day soon hell be crowned President for Life). Obviously, one of those people is Cyrus Vance Jr., the veteran D.A. running the investigation who obtained Trumps tax returns in February. Another is Mark Pomerantz, the prosecutor brought onto the case who helped put John Gotti behind bars. Additionally, theres Morgan Magionos, who helped bring down former Trump aide Paul Manafort. Yet perhaps the most worrisome figure is an individual who hits closer to home, whom Trump has known for yearsJennifer Weisselberg, the former daughter-in-law of longtime Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg.

As The Washington Post reported last month, Vances office has been delving deeply into the personal and financial affairs of the senior Weisselberg, with the goal of getting him to flip and become a witness against Trump. The D.A. is said to be focused on two of Weisselbergs adult sons, a tactic that could be an effort to increase pressure on the elder Weisselberg. One of those sons is Jack Weisselberg, who works at Ladder Capital Finance, which, according to The Washington Post, happened to loan the Trump Organization more than $270 million. Another is Barry Weisselberg, a Trump Organization employee who managed the Wollman ice rink for the company before the city ended its contract. On Thursday, Barrys ex-wife, Jennifer Weisselberg, reportedly turned over a trove of financial documents to Vances office, which, according to Jennifer, contain information for her ex-husbands bank accounts and credit cards, as well as his statements of net worth and tax filings. My knowledge of the documents and my voice connect the flow of money from various banks and from personal finances that bleed directly into the Trump Organization, Jennifer said last week. And according to a new report, those documents contain some extremely interesting information with regard to laws that may have been broken.

Per the Post:

Those records were entered into the couples divorce proceedings, which began in 2017, and some were obtained by The Washington Post this week along with a transcript of the deposition Barry Weisselberg gave as a part of that legal process. The documents show an array of payments and perks that BarryWeisselberg and his family received as a result of his employment for Trumps company over 18 years, likely raising key questions for investigatorsanalyzing the financesof the cash-only skating rink and working to ascertain whether the proper taxes were paid. In the deposition, Weisselberg acknowledged making errors in explaining information about his finances. He said, for instance, that he had forgotten that he shared an investment account with his father and he misstated his salary, prompting interjections from his attorneys when repeatedly confronted with contradictory information, the transcript shows.

He could not answer some questions about his taxes, the transcript shows. When asked whether taxes had been paid on the corporate apartment where his family previously lived, he said he wasnt sure. Asked how the company determined the size of his bonuses, which tallied about $40,000 annually from 2015 to 2017, he said he had no idea. When pressed in the deposition to explain discrepancies between what he said he earned and what he reported on tax forms for the Internal Revenue Service, he said: Im not an accountant. I know what I make. Im not too sure of certain things.

Despite earning $200,000 a year for as long as he could remember, Weisselberg said in the deposition, according to the Post, that he and Jennifer lived rent-free in Trump-owned apartments, adding that he did not know how taxes on the property were handled. (In addition, his father paid most of his living expenses, including $7,900 in monthly rent for a non-Trump-owned apartment where the couple later lived, $49,000 a year for each of his kids to attend private school, $25,000 each for overnight camp, $2,200 for his daughters Hebrew school, and $546 a month for a leased Range Rover.) Speaking of Barry Weisselbergs financial situation, the documents Vances office got a hold of last week have raised a number of questions, according to Air Mail:


Meet the Woman Who Could Send Donald Trump to Prison - Vanity Fair

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