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Posted: March 26, 2021 at 6:22 pm

Bad things could happen


Senate Judicial Resolution 8 or the Nevada Equal Rights Amendment passed the Senate Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections by a vote of 4-1 on March 9. The only no vote came from new Republican Sen. Carrie Buck. If this proposed constitutional amendment passes the Legislature twice, it will go on the ballot to a vote by the people in 2022.

SJR8 would add the following to the Nevada Constitution: Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by this state or any of its political subdivisions on account of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, ancestry or national origin.

The vagueness of the language in this resolution could open the door to laws that would uproot the freedom of many Americans, including the unborn, and put young women at risk.

The Nevada State ERA could be used to mandate taxpayer funded abortions. This occurred in New Mexico when the New Mexico Supreme Court mandated this in 1998. This also occurred in Connecticut under the guise that restricting abortion is a form of sexual discrimination.

By promoting gender identity in the state constitution, it could mandate that men who identify as women be allowed to compete with biological women in sporting events. This would destroy womens sports and undermine the chances for young women to advance in their athletic field and receive scholarships to further both their athletic and scholastic goals.

Moreover, this amendment could risk the safety and violate the privacy of young women by allowing biological males to use female locker rooms andrestrooms.

Religious freedom could also be threatened by forcing businesses and faith-based organizations to bend to anti-family and sexual norms that violate their religious and personal convictions. This has happened elsewhere and could happen in Nevada under this amendment.

According to Alliance Defending Freedom for Faith and Justice, SJR8 would deny state financial aid to students at faith-based colleges and universities unless they abandon policies and practices reflecting their sincerely held beliefs about marriage and sexuality It could forbid religious schools and organizations from ensuring that their employees abide by their doctrines or beliefs about marriage, sexual behavior, and the distinction between the sexes.

Physicians take an oath to do no harm and follow their conscience when treating their patients. SJR8 could force physicians to violate their oath and values and prescribe sex-altering therapies to young children who are struggling with gender identity. This could cause irreversible harm to the physical and mental well-being of our children into their adult lives.

The potential for significant harm is evident in this amendment.

Once you change the definition of gender (identity/expression) in the Constitution, legislators cannot address the unintended consequences, said Karen Barton England, executive director of Nevada Family Alliance.

Please contact the following Senate members requesting they oppose SJR8.

James Settelmeyer, Heidi Gansert, Ben Kieckhefer, Scott Hammond, Keith Pickard, andJoe Hardy. Contact information can be found at

Bob Russo

Gardnerville Ranchos

Mitigating factors in Engels-Meyer match


Pardon my eye roll and sigh when I encounter yet another published bombshell from Danna Meyer (March 18, 2021 R-C) regarding an encounter she had with John Engels years ago. Yes, the commissioners reaction was overheated, but in the lead up to that face off there were what in a court of law would be classified as multiple mitigating circumstances.

The innocent female to whom she refers (who is Meyer herself) had been publicly harassing and insulting the commissioner for months. I witnessed this. What happened is he ran out of patience. A far more appropriate title for the YouTube clip might be, Worn Down Commissioner Finally Vents His Frustration at Relentless Female Antagonist.

Whats more, she hasnt stopped. Since the unfortunate incident, I have been in more than one group situation where Meyer took the floor and showed great delight in ridiculing the commissioner. And each time this happened when he was sitting with his wife among friends and quietly enjoying the gathering.

I suppose if Meyer wants to be known in the community as a one-note crybaby, thats her choice, but I wish shed take it someplace else, and give the R-C readers a break.

Virginia Starrett


Placing things in context


During one of the first county commission meetings after John Engels was elected, Meyer criticized Engels from the public comment podium, claiming that it was improper for John Engels to wear a hat while seated as a commissioner. Engels defended himself, pointing out that it displays the insignia of his Army service rank, captain, and his branch of service while in Vietnam, artillery.

Ever since picking this fight, Meyer has continued a public criticism campaign against Engels, which says way more about Meyer than it does Engels. Its a wonderful country that grants anyone the First Amendment protection of freedom of speech. Its too bad this woman serially abuses that privilege.

Bev Anderson

Fish Springs

Douglas Libertarians organizing


Last November, one-third of Douglas County voters surprised the status quo by supporting a Libertarian candidate for commissioner. Thats more than any non-Republican candidate has won in this county in decades. One of the big reasons is because that candidate made himself visible, waving a huge sign at the 395 and 88 intersection every commute hour, posting signs, calling active voters, investigating issues, meeting with officials, and passing out literature at events.

Last Friday, he joined other liberty-minded people in Minden to find people interested in making the Libertarian Party more visible as an alternative to the GOP and Democratic Party.

Those at the gathering explored ways to get the partys philosophy of personal freedom and minimal government out to disillusioned and non-partisan voters.

Libertarians come from all political persuasions, from extreme liberal to ultra-conservative. What they have in common is the desire to pursue their interests, operate businesses, educate their children, and strive for prosperity without interference from intrusive government regulations.

Basically, the partys mantra is Do what you want as long as you dont hurt anyone. As simple as that sentence is, it seems to be a radical idea in this age when both the GOP and the ever-more-progressive Democratic Party want to control everyones health care, business activities, and use of private property. Libertarians just want to be left alone and allow you the same freedom.

In Douglas County, 53 percent of voters are registered as GOP; 22 percent as Democrats, and 25 percent as Libertarians, nonpartisan, and other. With the party schisms that are developing lately, there are undoubtedly members of both parties who are looking for an alternative.

Up until four years ago, when Gary Johnson ran quite visibly for president, Libertarian candidates were only on paper. Voters rarely met or learned anything about them. Then Charles Holt entered the local election and stirred up an over-confident GOP ticket. He mustve hit a nerve because signs were destroyed or removed and vicious letters against Mr. Holt filled the local editorial page.

Those attending Fridays meeting had a good laugh about it all in retrospect because it was a strong indication that Holt woke a sleeping lion. Spurred by that realization, they brainstormed ideas to make the Libertarian alternative more visible for Douglas County voters.

If youre one of those who want an alternative, investigate the Libertarians, either on Facebook or Or come to the next meeting April 23 at 6 p.m. at Cookd in Minden.

Meanwhile, be on the lookout for Libertarians at local events, fairs, farmers markets, wine walks, anywhere where you can meet and discuss issues with people who want to return America to a time where people said, its a free country rather than there oughta be a law.

Sue Cauhape


Duffy going to be missed


Im writing to acknowledge the retirement of Deputy Theresa Duffy, an outstanding member of the Douglas County Sheriffs Office. I first met Duffy when she was coordinator for the week-long Sheriffs Citizen Academy, a five-day evening orientation class held in the Judicial & Law Enforcement Center conference room. This program provides Douglas County citizens a comprehensive overview of the sheriffs various departments directly from the deputies and command staff who manage and provide services from K-9 to Lake Tahoe patrol, street patrol, citizens patrol, search and rescue, and many other DCSO operations, all ably coordinated by Duffy.

In what I believe was her last assignment before retiring, Sheriff Coverley assigned Duffy to assist Sgt. Bernadette Smith, coordinator of the DCSO Caring Neighbors program that was experiencing a growing workload. Smith coordinates a group of selfless volunteers to deliver non-law enforcement assistance to those in need, but Duffys availability allowed the program to help those who needed law enforcement assistance.

Duffy had various other assignments during her law enforcement career, but probably none that delivered the compassionate assistance to our countys most vulnerable residents. This program includes various services from delivering meals to those with mobility issues, to coordinating assistance with other county departments, to protective interventions.

I gather Duffys last assignment before retiring was working with Smiths Caring Neighbors program, a fitting finish to a most honorable career. May God bless the retiring Duffy and Smith for their service to the countys most vulnerable citizens.I dont envy Coverleys task of picking a member of the command staff to inform Smith that she will never be allowed to retire.

Lynn Muzzy


Glad to be back in the Valley


My husband and I moved to the Carson Valley in 2010 to enjoy the beauty and the closeness to children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, after 10 years we decided to move to greener pastures. At that time in our lives, we realized our error and needed to return to our doctors and network of friends in the Carson Valley.

We have received a fabulous welcome. These people and businesses have gone above and beyond to assist us with this transition. Teddy Carlson Mc Kone-Intero Real Estate; Anthony Bartone-Finance of America; Mary Kelsh and Kim Figueroa-First American Title; Donna Presto-Signature Title; Carla. Barry & Micky Jones- Carson Valley Movers; Natalia K. Vander Laan-Attorney; Carson Tahoe Health Care; and our wonderful, supportive friends of the communities of Saratoga Springs and La Costa.

As we continue our journey through life, we have determined that the Carson Valley provides us the support, professionalism, friendship and love not found elsewhere. Thanks to everyone who assisted us with this transition. The Carson Valley is truly a gem.

Lois Bock


Scouts always prepared to help


On the afternoon of Feb. 27, my facemask attacked one of my hearing aids and apparently deposited it in the grass at the Minden Park where Cub Scout Troop 33 and BSA Troop 20 were gathered for a BSA annual Blue and Gold Ceremony.

After the event, some of the Scouts saw my wife and I crawling through the grass, acorn shells and miscellaneous debris that accumulates in our beautiful park over the winter months. They found it interesting to follow two senior citizens as they slithered and crawled around their festivities like a pair of wounded armadillos.

When they learned the reason for our circuitous rambling they immediately joined forces along with dozens of well meaning, supportive parents and Scout leaders. After a few hours of well-coordinated recovery drills we succeeded in convincing them to return to their refreshments and fellowship, although the hearing aid was still missing in action.

These young Cub Scouts and their devoted families are what makes the Carson Valley such a wonderful place to live. One of their parents, Shandra, drove to her home in the Johnson Lane area and returned with a metal detector which she loaned us over night. Our thanks also go to their troop leader, John and his great group of volunteer pack leaders. Michelle from the Town of Minden Office, as well as countless dog walkers, our neighbor and family members were also in the ranks.

Oh, in case youre wondering, we found the mischievous hearing aid the next day in the basement stairwell of our 115-year-old home across from the Park.

Keep up the good works Carson Valley

Gary and Judy Williams


Beginning of the end


The beginning of the end of the United States as we know it.

The avalanche of illegals into this country by President Biden will have far reaching effects as stated in Guy Farmers column. How can we accommodate and support these people when we cant help and control our homeless population and fail to provide real assistance to our veterans?

American taxpayers have had their rights taken away by the Democrats who continue to use the pandemic as an excuse to control us. This coupled with the border crisis, unemployment, business and school closings is changing the way we live in the United States.

The current administration is all about control as evidenced by the enormous number of executive orders issued by Biden or those who control him. His mental health appears on the verge of collapse and we will be his beneficiaries.

Kenneth M. Bezich


Help those at home


I would like to share my thoughts on the so called border crisis.

America has its own crisis: Hunger and homelessness.

We see these sad stories every day. We also see the governments, local and federal, stating there is no money to help these people. Mostly they give lip service only.

There are charities like Wounded Warrior to help underfunded American hero veterans with their problems. It appears that this American crisis cannot be solved.

However, it appears that there is plenty of money to help the open border people get food, housing, schooling and medical assistance. This crisis has the unlimited support and funding to be resolved from federal and sanctuary city sources. Its obvious what their priorities are and it is not us.

The next time you walk by American citizens who are homeless, cold, sick and hungry, or see a long food line, just think that they are only American citizen in crisis, not foreigners. Just ignore them. Too bad for them that they were born in American and are in crisis.

I know my thoughts are not politically correct. Those poor people looking for a better life boo hoo. How about a better life for needy Americans? Ill be surprised if this letter is printed. I also expect hate mail from people who think that borders are not required and should be open to the world and it is Americas responsibility to take care of them rather than solve our own crisis.

Charity begins at home. God bless America.

Ron Savinski


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