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Posted: January 6, 2020 at 5:52 am

Malunggay: Here to save your health

MANILA, Philippines When your immunity is threatened with colds and fever and you feel your regular diet is not strong enough. Do not fear! A super food comes to your rescue!

Coming from humble origins, the malunggay has always been perceived as a mere backyard tree, conveniently found everywhereespecially in most tropical countries, like the Philippines. Usually, malunggay leaves are used as extra ingredients in local recipes but little did we know that the malunggay possesses hidden powers.

Known scientifically asmoringa oleifera and moringa in English, malunggay has recently been studied intensively by several scientific and academic institutions that have now discovered its remarkable benefits in nutrition and healing.

Given the monicker Miracle Tree and touted as the natural nutrition for the tropics by scientists, malunggay has been promoted by the World Health Organization for the past 20 years as an affordable health enhancer and life saver in poor countries around the globe.

How strong is malunggay, you ask?Compared gram for gram against other fruits and vegetables, malunggay flexes its nutritive muscles.It has 7x more Vitamin C than an orange, 4x more Vitamin A than a carrot, 3x more Potassium than a banana and 4x more Calcium than milk.

Thats not all! The micro-nutrient content gets even stronger when the malunggay leaves are dried with Vitamin A becoming 10x stronger than carrots, 17x more Calcium than milk, 15x more Potassium than bananas and 25x more iron than spinach.

This nutritious powerhouse packs a punch with leaves filled with 27 vitamins, 9 essential amino acids, 46 antioxidants, numerous minerals and high concentrations of protein.

In India, malunggay has already been used for its healing properties for years. Its ancient tradition of ayurveda states that the leaves of the moringa tree can prevent 300 diseases. This may not be far from the truth with recent studies proving its health benefits to boost immunity, manage blood pressure, alleviate stress, fight fatigue, and improve digestive health.

Boiling the malunggay leaves into a tea can also fight colds and infections. Fresh leaves have been used to treat anemia, gastric ulcers and diarrhea. Its paste acts as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment for insect bites, wounds or fungal skin problems.

If you a breastfeeding mom, you may have been advised by your doctor to eat more malunggay leaves or drink malunggay tea to produce more milk for your baby due to its high calcium content.

Loaded with nutrients, vitamins and amino acids, malunggay replenishes your bodys energy to get you through a busy week or an exciting weekend. Unlike other energy boosters, such as caffeine, malunggay can be used to relax, since it helps manage your blood pressure and assures you of a good nights sleep.

You dont have to be pregnant or have a medical condition to enjoy the plethora of benefits the malunggay yields. Malunggay is for everybody.

As powerful as it is, you need to consume about half a kilo a day to get the healthy benefits of malunggay. Sounds tough, right? Who even wants to prepare half a kilo every single day?

Worry not! Generika Drugstore saves the day with Nutrawell Malunggay capsules, the newest offering from Nutrawell, its exclusive line of quality affordable food supplements and nutraceuticals.

Nutrawell Malunggay is made from premium malunggay leaves with no extenders and fillers and is encased in vegetable capsules that dissolve quicker than regular capsules, enabling your body to absorb the nutrients at a faster pace.

Did you know that one capsule of Nutrawell Malunggay is equivalent to 1kg of malunggay?

When taken daily, it will help boost your body with the optimal amount of malunggay vitamins and minerals to manage your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It also helps reduce your chances of developing heart disease and diabetes.

In addition, it is extremely helpful for pregnant and lactating women who may want to increase the production of their breastmilk.

The best part is Nutrawell Malunggay costs only P5 per capsule, making it one of the most affordable malunggay supplements in the market today. Heavyweight protection for such a lightweight price!

So visit any Generika Drugstore branch anywhere in the country and be a hero to your health and your familys. End the year right and start 2020 with a bang! Take Nutrawell Malunggay everyday!

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