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Posted: April 26, 2020 at 12:46 am

Its great when you're young and free. Even if the town is empty or not. Big or small. Dying or growing. Its a town. Just to know people were here their stories, the tragedies, the miracles. Then to know what could be, what will be. A town has magic, sometimes it's sad because its dying or changing too fast for some. Then others want the change, hating tradition and the past. Theres no relation for some to the past.

If you're not growing you're dying some say. The more you control, regulate, eventually the less you grow. Everything in proportion. Sounds easy.

Then you have the futurist. The enlightened people that put their money into smart prospects that will generate returns. What happens to some towns, because of central planning, is they become dead while expanding. The magic that makes a town has to change, but if they change losses too much of the good stuff, watch out below.

And who is to say or who is to decide what the good stuff is. One thing if for certain, the economics must work to keep the magic going. Like a 10 year-old marriage, youve got to work on it. Stability in industry and business most be stable.

Stacey Alexander

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