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Posted: July 15, 2020 at 10:07 pm

Named by Forbes as one of the premier drive-in entertainment tours of the summer, The Parking Lot Social will be coming to Tampas Raymond James Stadium, beginning on Wednesday, July 15th. This limited-engagement event modernizes the traditional drive-in experienced through a supersized, multi-sensory attraction.With the ability to host up to 250 cars at each event, The Parking Lot Social represents the next evolution in the 'drive-in' experience and each tour stop will offer five nights of incomparable entertainment with the emphasis on having a fantastic night out while maintaining social distancing recommendations.At the event's core, and setting it apart from a traditional drive-in experience, is its unique, custom designed performance space. This spectacular installation is a blend of art and technology and consists of a fully covered stage, two 40ft. screens, a 52ft. Tall Rainbow-Shooting Fire Hydrant, and two, larger than life, inflatable Parking Lot Social gorillas!The event was the creation of Grahame Ferguson and Cameron Craig, founders of XL Event Labs. Ferguson discusses what is to be expected in the 2020 summer tour of The Parking Lot Social:The Parking Lot Social has been designed with a special emphasis on the event being immersive and interactive. Given that people will be restricted to their cars, this aspect of the event becomes super important. Think of it like a mini-festival that takes place right inside your very own car. We've used our experience in event production to design and build an amazing looking and completely versatile entertainment hub. Everything you'll see is custom designed, from the stage set up to the screens. The entertainment we've programmed is second to none and features experiences and shows that we've put on stage at major music festivals, clubs and colleges around the world. It's a crazy night out thats SAFE at the same time. Youll be socially distant but 100% together with hundreds of other funseekers.Fun for everyone, The Parking Lot Socials nightly entertainment is unique throughout its five-night experience in Houston. With tickets beginning at $29, below are a highlight of each nights entertainment schedule.Wednesday, July

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Live TMS Treatment from NeuroSpa TMS - WFLA

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