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Posted: July 30, 2017 at 2:16 pm

A vice president (human resource) of global electronics giant, LG, has filed a complaint with the Noida police that his phone sim has allegedly been cloned and he was receiving more than 250 international calls every day on his number. He also claimed that somebody stole Rs 6 lakh from his credit cards.

Police said the complainant, Subrato Mukherjee, 57, a resident of Noida Sector 44, has been receiving calls since June 27. The calls were suspected to be made from Bhutan, Russia, and some African countries. The calls allegedly continued for weeks.

Mukherjee took up the matter with his mobile phone service provider. They put his SIM card on surveillance through department of telecommunications (DoT). Mukherjee said he was alarmed when his credit card statements showed several fake transactions.

I called the service provider and it took them a lot of time to check the problem. Later, they informed me my number has been cloned and I should report the matter to police. On Friday, I took up the matter with SSP Gautam Budh Nagar after which a case was registered at Sector 39 police station, he said.

Mukherjee, a retired flight lieutenant from Indian Air Force (IAF), said the accused used his card for online shopping. The statement came in the mid of July, thereafter I reported the matter to the police, he said.

He said the calls were automatic in nature and whenever he would attend a call; there was another call in waiting.

Senior superintendent of police Love Kumar said, Prima facie, it seems the accused have cloned the credit cards and Mukherjees phone SIM. This has been done to ensure they get the one-time password for required transactions.

He said that a case was registered at Sector 39 police station. The Cyber Cell has been also asked to check the details of hacking and cloning, SSP Kumar said.

The matter has been reported to the cell phone providers and the private banks, the SSP said.

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LG vice president's phone SIM and credit cards cloned, duped of Rs 6 lakh - Hindustan Times

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