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Posted: March 31, 2021 at 3:38 am

All forms of violence are condemned

Wilkes County Democrats, along with fellow N.C. 5th Congressional District Democrats, condemn all forms of violence, discrimination, racism, harassment, and xenophobia. We are saddened by the violence against the Asian American community in Atlanta and around the country. Misinformation about COVID-19 has spread and unfortunately has caused a vital segment of the American population to become targets of hate.

The Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism found that anti-Asian American hate crimes reported to police rose 149% in just the last year. Experts tell us that, for various reasons, these crimes often go under-reported.

The violence in Atlanta, brings awareness to the escalating violence against Asian Americans. We, the Democrats of Wilkes County and the N.C. 5th Congressional District, stand with our Asian American brothers, sisters, friends, family and others in denouncing such violence against any member of our society.

This violence is escalating across this country. We call for unity and peace. The Asian American community, like all others, wants to live in a country where they can work, worship, send their children to school and form friendships. With the growing threat of violence, this is becoming difficult if not impossible.

We mourn with the families that have lost loved ones.

We call on our leaders to recognize the violence as a public health crisis.

We call on individuals to shed light on hate and racism wherever they find it.

Working united, we can make a difference across our district moving forward together as a community.

Wilkes County Democratic Party chair,

First Amendments limitations addressed

The First Amendment only prohibits Congress the legislative branch of the United States government from censoring free speech. The First Amendment does not prohibit companies such as Twitter, Facebook and the Journal-Patriot from restricting speech.

You have the right to speak and hand out pamphlets while standing on the sidewalk, but you have no right to force anyone else to publish or disseminate your speech.

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