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Posted: June 13, 2020 at 2:52 pm

If I was in charge

The first thing I would do is start a resident only lotto. Each time it hits a million dollars it would be split by 10 tickets, $100,000 per ohana to spend.

Then it starts again and again soaking the pockets of our people with much needed cash. Can you imagine how that could change everything overnight? We could give it a try for three to five years, and see how it goes.

No need to worry about tourism for a bit, the cash would flow around like a tide pool at high tide nursing us all.

We may have to do it privately, quickly donating A/C and iPads to each school. Then we rebuild them, followed by roads then the hospital and so on. Just a thought, have you got any ideas to help us survive?

David O. Baldwin


Patience is preferred to complaining

In reference to Ms. Melendezs letter on June 4 regarding the First Amendment and her Constitutional rights being violated. She specifically states that it is our unalienable right to peaceful assembly, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are being violated. How so Ms. Melendez? Please explain. I see no one in this state or county stopping peaceful demonstrators from assembling and certainly although the coronavirus has gotten in the way of life, all in all,people are complying and not complaining as they know this will end in the near future. P

Personally, I am very happy and so is everyone I know. These rules have nothing to do with Constitutional rights, instead they are for the greater benefit of all citizens to protect us from this virus. Its a health decision and in my view has nothing to do with ones rights because it is also my right to stay healthy and protected from people who may be carrying the virus. Yes, its a hassle but Im wondering where she is getting her information regarding mask-wearing in general. This is precisely why Japan has lower rates of the disease and they have been known to wear masks a lot, especially when traveling, in case you have never noticed. This too shall pass. Also, running ones business has nothing to do with the First Amendment. She should read the First Amendment because basically and simply it states: The First Amendment to the United States Constitution is a part of the United States Bill of Rights that protects freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, and right to petition. She is certainly exercising her freedom of speech press and and thats fine but it is also my right to try and stay healthy by complying with what our local government deems necessary to keep all citizens safe.

Exercising a little patience is preferred to complaining as this is just a temporary inconvenience to everyone.

Kathy Awai


Inspirational socialism

Dave Crismans Sunday screed against the Democratic Party ends with a shout-out to entrepreneurial capitalism. He asks if anything good has ever come from socialism?

If he means to say that government never fosters the private sectors success, how about the airline industry? The Post Office literally couldnt get off the ground in 1911 when this government agency handed pilot Earl Ovington a mailbag to squeeze between his legs. After a brief demonstration flight, he pushed the mail out of the plane where the postmaster picked it up for local delivery. From this, government inspiration was born what became our civilian air transportation industry.

A Google search reveals seemingly endless consumer benefits of civilian government and military research and development. Without such inspirational socialism we wouldnt have the internet, GPS, microwave ovens, frozen juice concentrate, Silly Putty, synthetic rubber, Super Glue, Duct Tape, aerosol spray, the Jeep, dark glasses, feminine hygiene products, and yes, even undershirts!

Crisman is just wrong when he says that private enterprise, not the government, gave society jet travel, space travel (what about NASA?), and smart phones.

Niel Thomas


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