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Posted: April 4, 2021 at 5:04 pm

Time to reopen AmericaIt has been one year since America shut down because of COVID-19. The closures have devoured our small businesses, resulting in a sharp rise in unemployment. Suicide rates have gone up as well. The problem is, some of our national leaders just don't seem to care anymore. They choose to incite racism as a weapon in order to get what they want. They want to remove our statues by any means necessary while doing absolutely nothing about riots or businesses being destroyed by perpetrators. They want to silence the Americans by erasing or canceling as much of our culture as they can. They want to steal our Second Amendment, our right to bear arms.And the saddest part? We, as Americans, are allowing this to happen. It is time for us to grow some spines and backbones. We need to tell our national leaders how extremely disappointed we are with them. I will not allow them to destroy America or let our U.S. Constitution crumble.Lastly, I want no more masks or social distancing ever again; reopen America now!Joshua DealyCarson CityPlain as dayLetter regarding Republican voter suppression/cheating #14. Never stops.Anyone with half a Trump brain, and paying some attention to life (Appeal columnists perhaps), has seen the non-stop assault by Republican-led state legislatures on the voting rights of Americans. Beyond stunning and appalling, this latest barrage on our civil liberties is the last ditch effort of a minority ideology doing whatever it takes to keep power.Face it folks, being anti-fill in the blank just ain't playing like it used to. So what else is there to do but cheat! Big time!The recent signing of abhorrent voter suppression laws by the governor of Georgia is beyond comprehension. It goes without saying that polling places will be reduced to one per 100,000 voters. Mail ballots/drop boxes will be harder to find than Ted Cruz telling the truth.And finally, as a late-night talk show fella from the past once said, I believe Jack Parr, "I kid you not." It will be against the law to offer food or drink to those Americans waiting in line for hours to vote. I can only imagine that Brian Kemp will reduce unemployment by hiring, monitoring and patrolling the election process.I can see it plain as day.The party of hate, the party of the big lie (Biden won, dudes), the party of insurrection... has gone beyond disgusting.Rick Van AlfenCarson CityBiden created border crisisRegarding Robert Simpsons letter criticizing my recounting of President Trumps accomplishments: Most importantly, Trump had implemented successful measures to control our southern border, starting with the wall. Illegal immigrants were turned away, asylum applicants were fairly treated, and remain in Mexico allowed an orderly process manageable by the Border Patrol and ICE.Now, the exact same libs who were hysterical about kids in cages (an Obama creation) support Bidens political weaponizing of illegal immigration. Coyotes and drug smugglers sexually abuse children on their journey north; mothers are sending their little girls to the border with Plan B pills. The surviving kids who get lucky are vaccinated for COVID, then are dumped onto our military bases while theyre still contagious, putting our soldiers and DOD civilians at risk.The Border Patrol is overwhelmed by sprawling camps with scabies, lice, the flu, COVID, crime, and drugs on a scale never before seen. Kamala Harris, who was appointed to be in charge of this ongoing human tragedy, has yet to visit the border.The Biden administration deliberately created this crisis because their goal is to grant millions of illegal immigrants U.S. citizenship and full voting rights to create a permanent voting Democrat majority.If Simpson thinks this is an improvement over Trumps border policy, in the words of his Uncle Joe, cmon man!Lynn MuzzyMindenLibertarian Party plans to become more visibleLast November, one-third of Douglas County voters surprised the status quo by supporting a Libertarian candidate for commissioner. That's more than any non-Republican candidate has won in this county in decades.Libertarians come from all political persuasions, from extreme liberal to ultra-conservative. What they have in common is the desire to pursue their interests, operate businesses, educate their children, and strive for prosperity without interference from intrusive government regulations.Basically, the party's mantra is "Do what you want as long as you don't hurt anyone." As simple as that sentence is, it seems to be a radical idea in this age when both the GOP and the ever-more-progressive Democratic Party want to control everyone's health care, business activities, and use of private property. Libertarians just want to be left alone and allow you the same freedom.If you're one of those who want an alternative, investigate the Libertarians, either on Facebook or http://www.lpnevada.org. Or come to the next meeting April 23 at 6 p.m. at Cook'd in Minden.Meanwhile, be on the lookout for Libertarians at local events, fairs, farmers' markets, wine walks, anywhere where you can meet and discuss issues with people who want to return America to a time where people said, "it's a free country" rather than "there oughta be a law."Sue CauhapeMinden

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