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Posted: May 11, 2020 at 11:36 am

Pannebecker bias shows through

After reading yet another of Brian Pannebeckers ridiculously pro-Trump slanted columns (Trump has led country to greatest economy by keeping promises, April 28 Macomb Daily) I decided I can no longer keep quiet! To begin with, it is well known that Pannebecker is a far right extremist who champions right wing candidates, causes and office holders. I laughed at his opening remarks when he characterized Trump as a genius. That statement alone underscores that Pannebecker cant be taken seriously.

Furthermore, he is now subscribing to unproven conspiracy theories about the Covid-19 virus being created in a laboratory. That theory has been debunked by scientific evidence that proves the virus is of natural origins in the wet markets of Wuhan, China. A study of the virus genome provides the evidence of that.

In addition, Pannebeckers insistence that Trump single handedly turned around the nation's economy is equally absurd as his statements about Trumps genius and the origin of the COVID-19 virus. Most credible economists will tell you that the economic recovery from the Bush era recession of 2008 started under the Obama administration and was slowly gaining traction throughout his eight years in office. Just as it took eight years for the economy to tank under Bushs watch, it took eight years for it to recover under Obamas. Trump happened to be in the right place at the right time when he took office.

Pannebecker also credits Trump with handling the COVID-19 crisis brilliantly. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially at the start when Trump stated it was a Democratic hoax. It should need no reminding too that Trump maintained that the virus would disappear like a miracle. Of course neither was true and to date it has claimed nearly 80,000 American lives.

Lastly, Pannebecker maintains that its time to re-open the nation's economy without regard to the dangers still presented by COVID-19. All medical experts recommend a slow and measured reopening rather than a hasty one so as to not risk a resurgence of the virus.

I urge your paper to stop giving Pannebecker a platform to espouse his far right extreme viewpoints that are out of step with the mainstream.

Eugene F. Groesbeck

Shelby Township

Brian Pannebecker's fawning praise of Donald Trump (Trump has led country to greatest economy by keeping promises, April 28 Macomb Daily) knows no bounds. He sees Trump's policies over 3 years as nothing short of a miracle of genius of the man's "gut instincts" all the while battling the opposition party and it's allies, the main stream press. Nothing new here. He believe his tax cuts to be the driver that spurred the economic growth regardless of propelling the national debt to an all time high with no plan to pay for it but the hope that in the next 30 years higher tax revenues would cover it. Remember the "old days" when fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets was the bedrock of Republican values?

Throw in tweaking NAFTA, abandoning the trans Pacific economy to the Chinese despite our total dependence on China for our prescription drugs and cheap consumer products from that region, closing the borders to immigrants and you have Donald Trump's vision of "America First." The answer to that risk? Pump trillions into the military and replenish our nuclear stockpile to cold war levels and bring the world to heel. And, of course, build the wall. The worldwide pandemic, which is now blamed on the Chinese, has exposed the risk to our consumer driven economy as it quickly ground to a halt. No worries,we will be sending a bill to China for damages right after Mexico pays for the wall.

As the Trump administration faced its first real crisis, the initial response was to downplay it and blame the usual suspects, the Democrats and the main stream media, for exaggerating it. Pannebecker optimistically believes Donald Trump will now listen to the experts in handling the crisis. If history is a guide, he will be sorely disappointed. The president prides himself on ignoring expert advice or even scientific facts that conflict with his "gut." If Dr. 's Anthony Fauci and Debra Bird can walk that very fine line of speaking the truth while disagreeing with our thin-skinned president they both deserve the medal of freedom. I know of no other presidential appointee that has been able to navigate that mine field.

Robert L. Peltier

Clinton Township


Letters to the Editor 5-10-2020: Pannebecker rebuttals - The Macomb Daily

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