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Posted: June 20, 2020 at 11:10 am


Ms. Lisa Lynchs request to ban political flags and banners (To Whom It May Concern at The Dana Point Harbor) forgets one vital issue: We live in a Democratic Republic.

One of the values we hold dear in this Republic is freedom of speech or expressionthat includes political speech, even if it is divisive and hurts the feelings of some people who view it. Ms. Lynchs bias is quickly revealed by her attack on all things Donald Trump. I wonder if she would find it equally offensive if a flag on a boat said Biden 2020 or Jesus Saves or TGIF or Merry Christmas or any number of other ideas that might be expressed.

When I drive by a car with a Feel the Bern bumper sticker, I ardently do not agree with the persons support of Senator Bernie Sanders and his policy proposals. But I would defend that persons right to display his support of Sanders publicly. I am glad the sheriffs department does not have a politically correct department going around and telling us what we can and cannot display on our yards, boats and cars.

The First Amendment right of freedom of expression does not have a divisive footnote to it. Ms. Lynch should remember that people cherish the right to express their opinions and those who view those opinions need to cherish and defend the right of that expression even if it is not one they share.

As for her neighborhood association banning political flags and signsdepending on the specific facts and circumstancesthat may be illegal (California Civil Code section 4710.)

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