LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Donald Trump will again be inaugurated as president – The Albany Herald

Posted: April 15, 2021 at 6:35 am

Now with light dawning on the border crisis and on the delusion in the White House, it is time to expose the truth of this policy and this administration.

Given his cognitive ability, no one expects Biden to understand, but surely the media and Congress can recognize the mindlessness of allowing immigrants endlessly streaming through an open border, while granting full benefits of a welfare state, a formula for disaster any person with common sense recognizes as reckless and unsustainable. Democrats are moving swiftly -- through vaccination passports, voting changes, establishing a "military uniformity," approving censorship, eliminating any opposition to their views -- to establishing their socialist takeover of America. But they need to hear once more it isn't going to happen.

God is in control of His world, and the United States is His nation, established by Him, by people who loved and cherished and love Him still -- and we will not be moved or silenced -- and our faithfulness in having elected President Trump will be recognized and rewarded. Donald Trump will yet be inaugurated into the presidency, which is his. These United States of America will be preserved -- with all the freedoms, liberties, justice and equality, harmony and brotherly love intended and given by our Divine Creator from the beginning. May God bless the USA.

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Donald Trump will again be inaugurated as president - The Albany Herald

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