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Posted: April 11, 2020 at 7:33 pm

To the Editor:

The boogey man is a mythical creature never actually seen, but often used by storytellers to strike fear into children as the punisher for their misbehavior. Without a personal appearance, the boogey man has become an evil monster in the folklore of every world culture.

We still cant see him, but the boogey man is here now and he is scaring all of us to self-quarantine or be radically punished for our misbehavior. The invisible C19 virus comes to invade, sicken, and potentially destroy its victims. Like Medusa, the boogey man wont hurt you unless you are foolish and want to look directly into his eyes.

It is our American heritage to challenge and battle against competitors we can see. We have never fully won the battles with previous viruses. We have respected their deadliness enough to keep them at a safe distance until we learn how to coexist with them. Coexistence has been our only option.

As pioneers, we have constantly traveled into the unknowns of sailing the sea, exploring remote wildernesses and even the unnatural silence of space travel. These were experimental adventures where technology gave us a sense of control. At the moment the C19 virus is controlling us and that makes us angry. Angry because we do not have the knowledge to attack it just yet.

During this social intermission, time and distance are our best allies. Social distancing is the most effective therapeutic known to us at this time so we must take it in the maximum dosage possible.

I can feel the boogie man surrounding me and see him in the eyes of those he has infected. I dont want to meet him face to face so for at least the next 30 days I cant meet with you face to face either.

Rick Dime


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Letter: The boogeyman - Northwest Herald

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