Letter: Re: Ethan Orr’s Article on the Middle Class – Arizona Daily Star

Posted: March 31, 2021 at 4:01 am

Mr. Orr has some good ideas about reviving the middle class and hinted at the fact that we have changed economically over the years but did not overtly address this change that is at the root of our problem.

Back in the late '70's there was a push to establish a new form of capitalism known as neoliberal economics. It can be traced to Ayn Rand and her acolytes, such as Alan Greenspan. It was used in Chile by the quasi-fascist dictator Pinochet with terrible results. It favors corporate power over public benefit. It's all about reduced regulation and reduced taxes on corporations, while pushing austerity on the public. It attempts to privatize public institutions and social safety nets like Social Security. It is pro monopoly and against anti-trust laws like the Clayton and Sherman Acts. As a result, monopolies and oligopolies have become rampant, destroying competition.

Our 40+ year experiment, brought to us by the neoliberal order is in direct conflict with capitalism in the 1950's.

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Letter: Re: Ethan Orr's Article on the Middle Class - Arizona Daily Star

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