Letter: ‘Origins of wokeness/critical race theory (CRT)’ – Brown County Democrat

Posted: May 11, 2021 at 10:56 pm

To the editor:

As our country divides ever farther apart we see the impact of this oppressive ideology, which is not about addressing social justice and overcoming systemic racism. Set aside their narrative and examine the underlying history of this movement to better understand the radical agenda that seeks to undermine our country.

Cultural Marxism was born out of Marxs economic theory that the working class would eventually rise up and overthrow the hated bourgeoisie. The global worker uprising never happened, except in Russia, which never became utopia, only a murderous dictatorship.

Italian Antonio Gramsci and Hungarian Georg Lukacs (both Communists) theorized that Western values were too deeply entrenched and Christianity too strong, so Western culture and religion had to be destroyed. Their ideas appeared in the 1920s, arguing that the rise of a successful Communist takeover necessitated undermining the pillars of society including Christianity, family, truth, law, patriotism and national unity, sexual restraint, language and tradition, among others.

A group of German Marxists, influenced by this thinking, established the Institute for Social Research, popularly known as The Frankfurt School. The group relocated to New York with Hitlers rise to power, taking positions at Columbia University. The term Critical Theory was first used in 1937, a social theory that harshly criticizes a culture, brutally and unremittingly, in order to change it. After WWII, most of this group returned to Germany, but Herbert Marcuse stayed in New York, becoming a powerfully influential voice of the left over the following decades. Stoking grievances would unite disaffected groups into a powerful, angry force. In his 1965 essay, Repressive Tolerance, he argued for toleration of all leftist ideas and movements while prohibiting ideas and movements from the right. Sound familiar?

Success in this long march through the institutions requires destruction of said cultural institutions, opening the way for political takeover. This began with academia and the media. Radical students in the 1960s moved into teaching and journalism. By the 1980s, critical theory dominated higher education, and this philosophy now infects big business, government, public employee unions, K-12 education, and even the military. In our post-modern era, truth is one of the pillars they redefined, claiming it is rooted in historical and social conditions, based on narrative and feelings, not objective facts. How else could adherents defend 2+2=5? Political correctness describes a method of controlling social discourse in order to shape the culture.

Just as Hitler used race as a key fault line to stoke grievances and build hatred, race is exploited in our country for the same end. Identity politics brings other groups into the fold based on gender, sexual orientation and others. Vocal and sometimes violent proponents of this movement include Antifa, which traces its roots to German Communists in the 1930s, and Black Lives Matter, founded by trained Marxists. Today, Antifa fights against liberal democracy and capitalism. The latter group has scrubbed some of the more offensive notions from its website to disguise their real mission of upending society. Do not be misled by lofty platitudes of these groups and others. The endgame is an oppressive socialism.

This destructive ideology is best shown by the countless examples of CRT nonsense brought into public and even some private schools. For example, Philadelphia Public Schools now teach kindergartners that America is built on a pyramid of hate culminating in genocide. Really? Parents and grandparents, be aware of indoctrination that may be taking place in schools and speak out against it. Red flags include descriptions such as diversity, equity and inclusion or similar phrases. If, on the other hand, you believe all white people are racists and 6-year-olds should be taught they are either an oppressor or oppressed, you support these initiatives.

Don Stuart, Nashville

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Letter: 'Origins of wokeness/critical race theory (CRT)' - Brown County Democrat

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