Letter: Government actions going too far on virus – Grand Forks Herald

Posted: March 24, 2020 at 6:11 am

COVID-19 does not threaten the lives or security of the vast majority of US citizens, yet the majority are the primary target of the draconian actions by state and local governments across this nation; not for any crime they committed or for any threat to the rule of law, but because of their human nature.

No US citizen, except those who have taken an oath otherwise, can be compelled by law or force, or be coerced into assisting others, even if the others are endangered to the point of death. The right to conscience is sovereign.

Every US citizen has a First Amendment right to peaceful assembly.

Every US citizen has the right to engage in legal commerce.

So, all government-enforced curfews, quarantines, isolations, business closings, and all acts of government to restrict the movements and activities of free Americans or to suppress our constitutional rights are null and void. And the silence from US citizens and business owners is terrifying.

The precedent has been set. The people have acquiesced.

Not to a federal attack on their rights, but to state and local attacks. No one should be surprised now when government comes for the rest of our rights. And they will come.

Our Second Amendment right to bear arms will be next on the chopping block, and the clarion call will come loudly from local and state governments, causing a groundswell to take the goal of gun confiscation to the federal level. This will happen. And it will happen before the November election.

No longer empowered with the rights to peaceful assembly and legal commerce, having lost the battle in 50 states to keep our right to bear arms, the people themselves will have made their right to petition the federal government for a redress of grievances no longer worth the ink or feather quill that once proclaimed it. And then, to what sovereign power on earth must the federal government yield?

Our rights gone. COVID-19 still here.

To my East Grand Forks government and to the Minnesota state government, on the usurpation of my God-given rights to keep my own conscience, to peaceful assembly, and to commerce, I declare:

I do not acquiesce.

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Letter: Government actions going too far on virus - Grand Forks Herald

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