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Posted: November 13, 2019 at 1:50 am


Nov. 9 To the Editor:

Spanish philosopher George Santayana said that, Those who cannot learn from history, are doomed to repeat it. A reflective look at world events today provides conclusive evidence to the truth of that statement. There has been a steady effort, by the left, to re-write, re-interpret, and in some cases omit, the historical accounts that fail to advance their narrative. It is fashionable to criticize the founding fathers by emphasizing flaws in their personal lives. The personal sacrifices made by them to establish the greatest country in the world, are ignored in order to castigate them for their individual imperfections. The great achievements of America have been de-emphasized by an increasing emphasis on mistakes and failures.

The left promotes a critical emphasis of our imperfections at the expense of recognizing the incredible force for good that America has provided throughout the world since its founding. It seems that we have forgotten the terrible cost we have paid to help those in need throughout the globe. We are now smothered in the vagaries of political correctness which lends credence to a litany of cockamamie ideas. The leftist thinking runs rampant in our nations school systems. Vladimir Lenin said, Give me your youth, and Ill transform the whole world. Therefore, our schools spend much time on political correctness issues and other facets of the leftist ideology at the expense of teaching the basics. Recent studies rank us as 27th in educational level, a drop from 6th in 1990! In 2015, a PEW study reported that 46% of K-12 students were considered below average in the sciences and math.

Any display of patriotism or respect for authority is belittled or condemned by the leftist leaning mob. Socialism has become popular despite the lessons of history, no longer taught or emphasized. Remember the wisdom of Santayana!

Richard Schoff

York, Maine

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