Jitsi Tutorial 1 – Installation – Top Windows Tutorials

Posted: August 8, 2015 at 7:20 pm

If you want a secure, open source and free alternative to Skype that takes your privacy seriously, then you should definitely give Jitsi a go. Jitsi is an instant messaging, video and voice chat client with super strong privacy safeguards. Using Jitsi, you can chat wherever you are in the world without worrying about eavesdroppers listening in.

To get started using the program, we first need to install it. Visit this page to download the latest version. The page should look like the one shown in the picture below.

Look for a link that says jitsi-latest-x86 if you have a 32 bit version of Windows or jitsi-latest-x64 if you have a 64 bit version. If youre unsure, see this link to find out which version you are running.

Click the appropriate link and choose Open or Run in your browsers download manager. After Jitsi has downloaded, the following window should appear.

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Jitsi Tutorial 1 - Installation - Top Windows Tutorials

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